'Gossip Girl' News Round-Up: Your Favorite Show, Now in Comic Book Form
'Gossip Girl' News Round-Up: Your Favorite Show, Now in Comic Book Form
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's the holiday season, the time of year when we should all look deep inside of ourselves, take stock of the blessings in our lives, show the people around us just how much we care about them, and ponder on what we're most thankful for while putting into perspective the troubles and hardships that we've faced this year, and hope for the best in the new year.

Right? I may have gone to public school, but I think I just figured out the meaning of Christmas!

With that in mind, let's all remember: yes, Gossip Girl is on hiatus until March. But at least the 24-hour celebrity news cycle never stops, and we can get our Gossip fix without a new episode in sight.

So here's your latest Gossip Girl news round-up. Be thankful! And give me presents. That's an essential part of the holiday spirit, too.

Gossip Girl's Josh Schwartz talks the second half of Season 3, and puts special emphasis on Chuck Bass and Jenny Humphrey. Says Schwartz: "Jenny's troubles are just beginning," while we can look forward to the writers "[moving] Chuck back into the forefront of the ensemble." Check out the full interview from TV Guide for more from Schwartz about Serena's father, Dan and Vanessa, and the "threesome" hubbub. Great hints for March!

Check out photos of Y100 Jingle Ball 2009 co-host/performer Leighton Meester on stage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Leighton took to Twitter the next morning to thank her Floridian fans: "Yesterday's show in Miami was incredible. Thank you!! I'll be returning later this month because I love you sooo much!"

Matthew Settle tells OK! that his family celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas, and shares what he's looking forward to, as he and wife Naama will be showing daughter Aven her first holiday season. It's a good thing she can't read, because Settle gave away one of her presents to the mag: "I just bought her a piano."

Today in "NO DUH" News: Chace Crawford knows he is pretty, but hated modeling, and has to stay "annoyingly" clean-shaven for Gossip Girl. Poor him.

MTV reports that a graphic novel/comic book inspired by Gossip Girl, called "Gossip Girl: For Your Eyes Only," will come out in January 2010 and become serialized. The comics will draw from the books by Cecily von Ziegesar, but also present "an original
re-imagination of the girls' senior year focusing on the lives of Blair and Vanessa."