Gossip Girl: Get Rid of Aaron Rose!
Gossip Girl: Get Rid of Aaron Rose!
The on-again, off-again relationship between Serena and Dan has never been the best thing about Gossip Girl.  They simply can't compare to the mischievous duo of Chuck and Blair, and there were times during the S and D maelstrom that I wished they'd simply move on to other people for a while.  The introduction of Aaron Rose -- Serena's artsy, polyamorous new boy toy -- initially seemed like a step in the right direction.  Everyone needs a good rebound guy, even if that guy has a tween beard and a penchant for girlie scarves.  Unfortunately, due to some serious miscasting, Aaron has become a plague on both Serena and Gossip Girl itself.  Who do I have to blackmail to convince the writers to permanently ship Aaron off to the Hamptons?

My issues with Aaron Rose stem not from how the character is written, but how he's portrayed.  I could buy Serena falling for a charming, free-spirited lothario if the actor playing him was handsome, charismatic and seemingly irresistible.  Unfortunately, it seems that all of the charismatic actors in New York were busy during this casting call, because John Patrick Amedori is none of these things.  I hate to pick on the actor, but I think Chuck's scarf has more on-screen presence than he does.  With his floppy hair, scrubby pseudo-beard and complete lack of personality, it's impossible to understand why Serena would swoon over him.

The idea of Serena moving on to a new guy who teaches her to be a bit more honest and laid back is a good one, but the execution of the storyline has been rather lackluster.  We're meant to believe that Aaron can woo any hot model that comes his way, but that's impossible to fathom when the actor is a swirling vortex that sucks the electricity out of every scene he's in.  I never thought I'd miss the Serena and Dan pairing, but I now realize that Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have serious chemistry together.  I'm not sure their characters need to get back together anytime soon, but as long as S gets rid of A I'll be happy.

While I long for Aaron to be strangled with one of his hideous scarves, I'm loving his father, Cyrus Rose.  Cyrus' relationship with Eleanor has been a highlight of recent episodes, and though actor Wallace Shawn is only a guest star, I'd love it if he'd stick around and become part of the Waldorf family.  Blair's reluctant acceptance of her mother's new man has been fascinating to watch, leaving me hoping that the Gossip Girl writers only ship off half of the Rose family.

What do you think of Aaron?  Is he good for Serena, or does he need to be sent off to a lesser show like 90210?  Sound off below.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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