'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Love the Way You Lie
'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Love the Way You Lie
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
What do you get when you mix white lies and the ugly truth? The sophomore episode of Gossip Girl's fourth season!. While last week's premiere focused on tying up loose ends, re-opening old wounds, and belittling each of the characters to their lesser selves, "Double Identity" offered some redemption and - dare we say it? - character development.

The real question is, what exactly are the characters developing into? Granted, it can't be much worse than pushing your best friend into a fountain or sleeping your way through the phone book.


While Serena's obligated to sacrifice shopping and brunch in order to go identify the body of her step-brother at the morgue ("Thanks for the wake up call, mom!"), said step-brother is rolling around in bed with new-girl, Eva. She wants to spend a few more minutes with him, but Chuck ("Henry") rebuffs with the excuse that he has to get ready for work. (Turning down sex and doing manual labor? Maybe Chuck has changed.) After a little Nancy Drew-ing, however, Serena does manage to track him down, only to have the door slammed in her face. Eva, smarter than the average blond, puts on her suspicious face.


Meanwhile, Blair steers clear of anything Bass-related (she tries to, anyway) as she prepares for a fancy ball with Prince Louis and his parents. Ignoring calls from Serena and discounting sightings of Chuck himself, Blair's determined to be free from that Basshat once and for all. She can't help interfering, however (and of course) once she discovers that Chuck was about to propose to her last spring and that she might lose him once and for all. Ditching the ball, but still wearing her perfectly dramatic dress, Blair reunites with Chuck for the first time in a long time, where the tears fall and the truth comes out. Although Chuck admits she was the only thing he ever loved, Blair insists she loves him no longer. She does urge him to come back to New York, however, since her world would pretty much be empty without him. Then the two finally part, battered and broken, yet somehow stronger than ever.


All it takes for Nate to go from best friend to nemesis is a little meddling from his mysterious new friend, Juliet, who insists on helping him win Serena back. This of course entails taking Dan off the market, so Nate and Juliet throw Vanessa at Dan like a piece of meat. Dan fetches, unsurprisingly, and in the end realizes his feelings truly do lie with Vanessa. So despite Nate's unsubtle interference, the boys are friends again - even to the point of wearing matching shirts! Juliet and Nate are holding hands by the end of the episode, which surprises Serena, who apparently thought everyone would worship her once she returned from Paris. Alas, not even baby Milo seemed too ecstatic about her arrival.

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