'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Drug Dealer Disowned, Socialite Finds 'Love'
'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Drug Dealer Disowned, Socialite Finds 'Love'
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Even though this week's episode featured an enormous promotion, delicious plotting, several epiphanies, and Florence and the Machine ... it still fell flat. Apparently the majority of Gossip Girl viewers agree, as the show's ratings have decreased dramatically.

Now don't get me wrong, it's still my favorite show at the moment and last night's episode "Panic Roommate" was entertaining -- but nothing spectacular happened this week, and I feel like that's becoming a trend.

Now that Ben has moved in with the less-than-enthusiastic Dan, Serena showers him with books and shelves and other teacher-like presents. She's also started to wear her hair in a high ponytail, the way she did back in boarding school. I guess she really does think Ben likes the pedophile approach. Serena tells a jealous Dan that she doesn't need to be protected and that she has no feelings for Ben. Later, however, she convinces Ben to accompany her to the W party -- although it seems like he only agrees to spite Dan. At the party, she tells out-of-place Ben that they can leave if he doesn't like it (a courtesy she never offered Dan when they dated). Thanks to a scheme by Damien and Eric, however, Ben's decision is made for him when he's forced out of the party by his parole officer.

I Fought the Law and the Law Won

Damien and Eric exact their revenge on Ben by framing him for assault and getting him kicked out of the party. Satisfied, Damien tells Eric their "partnership" is over, much to Eric's chagrin, as he thought he and Damien were genuine friends. I swear, that poor kid is just one snub away from another suicide attempt. Dan and Nate inform Damien's strict father of his heartless shenanigans, and Damien worries about getting cut off. Meanwhile, Serena tells Ben she never doubted him for a second, and once she assures him she's willing to toss her family aside in exchange for his love, they share a kiss.

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Is This Love?

Chuck admits that he needs to seduce Raina in order to reclaim Bass Industries, but Blair advises him that constant sex won't win Raina's admiration -- an emotional connection will. Therefore, Chuck takes Raina to the Palace Hotel and the two bond over having distant families and making friends with the hotel staff while growing up. Russell sees through Chuck's plan, however, and tells Raina he's only using her. Chuck admits the truth, and Raina storms off. Blair calls her later and convinces her that Chuck was genuine when he let his walls down, urging Raina to give him a second chance. She does one better and convinces Russell to offer Chuck a job at Thorpe Enterprises ... Oh, joy.

Take This Job and Shove It

Blair worries that her cold-hearted boss, Epperly, will give her a bad performance review, so of course she thinks sex is the answer. Blair offers Chuck the chance to warm Epperly up (wink, wink); however, Chuck admits even he can't concentrate on seducing two women at a time, so Blair enlists Nate for the task instead. But at the W party Epperly reunites with an old boyfriend (who Nate confesses has a hot accent), leaving Blair to take care of her duties. Epperly admits that the only thing missing from her life was love, so she quits her job and moves in with her ex-boyfriend ... somehow giving Blair her position. Blair, the college sophomore who's been interning for a week. What happens next week, Dan publishes a novel that doesn't suck? Vanessa becomes relevant?!

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