'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The Return of the Ring'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The Return of the Ring'
Gossip Girl's shocking season finale felt like something of a time warp, with characters regressing back to their former, messier selves in some cases and progressing to previous season's growth in others. While it might be out-of-left-field for Lily to stay married to a man who faked his death for 3 years rather than one who's loved her for 20, or disappointing to see Serena hooking up with the wrong guys while doing drugs on a train and Dan cheating on yet another girlfriend, at least it harkens back to GG's better days once more. And, even though Serena lost her best friend, Blair finally found the courage to get her true love back. 

Gossip Girl tweeters everywhere joined forces to bemoan Blair and Serena's actions, root for their favorite couples, and ask important questions about all the story lines that never happened. Here are some of the best tweets from the season 5 finale:

10. @awwthatsnice
Did you see that creepy look Bart gave Nate? He so wants in his manties. #gossipgirl

- It's very possible this is an ongoing storyline, given that the writers' mantra this season is "It happened offscreen."

9. @NoWhiteNoise
Looking at Penelope's hair. Kinda hoping it's Penelope that Serena bangs atop a bar now. #gg

- Why didn't this happen?! Write an alternate finale, please!

8. @carlybb
"Leave your key with Dorota" Does that even matter? Don't ppl just stroll into that apt anyways? #GG

- Too true. What is it, a key to the elevator?

7. @JJovana
"Dan is my best friend" - Dan gets friendzoned while IN A RELATIONSHIP. That takes serious talent. #GossipGirl

- Dan cheating and getting friendzoned is a bit like the chicken and the egg: will we ever know which came first?

6. @maribells01
Serena just dropped a giant truth bomb on Dan. Shame she did it in the context of throwing herself at him... (sighs)

- I think Serena fans everywhere were somewhere between cheering and cringing during that scene.

5. @AwkwardGG
I wonder if when Blair was on her way to the casino, she stopped & went "HOLD UP, WHAT IS HE WEARING?" before dressing to match accordingly.

- At least you can always count on Gossip Girl for appropriate fashion, if not logical plot movement.

4. @cesvonz
Oh please, Chuck, don't be a Basshole. Shut up and kiss her. Shut up now! #gossipggirl You idiot!

- It's always fun to be screaming the same things at your TV as the author of Gossip Girl is.

3. @MsLagerfelt
LOVE hearing your comments on the Finale! You guys and gals are so smart! Sometimes think u know the characters better than the writers! Xo

- We think the same, dear Caroline. We think the same.

2. @KellyRutherford
3 handsome husbands in 1 episode!! xoxo #GG

- I actually forgot William is one of Lily's husbands, just like William forgot Serena is one of his daughters.

1. @GabrielSaporta
"I'm not really a cocaine-peddling slimeball; I just play one on TV" - xoxo Perfect Little Angel 

- I guess meeting a member of Cobra Starship made a good Serena go bad.

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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