VIDEO: John Stamos Kisses Emma, Brittany Goes 'Against the Music' on 'Glee'
VIDEO: John Stamos Kisses Emma, Brittany Goes 'Against the Music' on 'Glee'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Have mercy!

Forgive my corny Full House joke, but I just couldn't help it. And you probably won't be able to either, once you check out this sneak peek video of our first look at John Stamos, AKA Dr. Carl, and his new main squeeze Emma (Jayma Mays) lip-locking in front of a jealous, but always cordial, Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) during next Tuesday's Britney Spears tribute episode, "Britney/Brittany." (Sneak a listen of the Spears covers now!)

Dr. Carl isn't just serious about his feelings for Emma, whose neuroses he even finds "adorable." He's also serious about educating teens about dental hygiene. Aaaand I think you see where this is going. Look like we're going to see a lot more of Dr. Carl, floss in hand, around McKinley High. Starting with ... an exclusive dental care seminar with the Glee club? Check out the clip for more:

Of course, as you know if you've been reading up, several members of the Glee club with go into Dr. Carl's chair and under the gas, where they'll enter a Britney Spears inspired dreamscape. The Stamos isn't the only sexiness we'll see on Tuesday night.

Check out--and HEAR-- Brittany (Heather Morris) like you've never seen her before in the preview for the Britney bonanza, and this clip of Satana and her in their "Me Against the Music" cover:

Stamos! Snakes! "Stronger"! Angry Sue! It's all coming up on Glee next week. Please, be safe and try to survive the weekend so you don't miss it.

Until then, relive the amazing Glee premiere with the 25 best quotes of "Audition":

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