This Week on 'Glee': Almost Feels Like Home
This Week on 'Glee': Almost Feels Like Home
My favorite Glee episodes have always been a good mix of emotional stuff, funny stuff and the expected songs. That's why I like "Preggers", and I like "Wheels", and I liked this week's episode, "Home". And yes, I still stand by what I've been saying the past few weeks: this is the best episode Glee has produced so far. While the previous two episodes had the ingredients right, this week's hour had the mix right--and we get an episode that requires a Kleenex box and a heart full of joy. I know, it's complicated.

So what happened? Will reconnects with April as he looks for a temporary home for New Directions--and an apartment for himself too. Blame Sue for hogging the amphitheater, as well as for making Mercedes really insecure about herself: since a reporter is coming to interview her, she wants all the Cheerios to undergo this outrageous diet... and the report, turns out, is out to expose just that. Things ended well there: Merc got her moment, and April literally bought glee club the auditorium. But the biggest story of the night goes to Kurt, and his attempts to hook his dad up with Finn's mom. He wants to be with Finn, but the plan backfires big time, and he feels left out by everyone.

This week's best, part one: Will and April's tearjerker apartment performance


I've always enjoyed Will and April's duets. I loved their take on "Alone" in the first episodes, and I enjoyed their take on "Fire" this week. But their mash-up of "One Less Bell to Answer" and "A House Is Not A Home"? Matthew Morrison and Kristin Chenoweth's talents aside, this particular performance summed up the entire episode--of looking for something, or someone, to belong to. And it's the first time Glee literally moved me to tears. I don't know if I'm overreacting to this, but it was just so moving.

This week's best, part two: Kurt and his dad, trying to get through things


Similarly, I've always loved the storyline between the Hummels: of Kurt coping with his dad's alpha male-ish ways, and Burt coping with his son's sexuality. And just when you thought the two were going well, here goes his plan to hook him up with Finn's mom. Finn's not too happy, but he lights up when he starts talking football with Burt... and Kurt feels left out. The conversation between the two highlights Chris Colfer and (still surprising) Mike O'Malley quite nicely, and I won't complain if they show more of these two in future episodes. (Also, plus points to Romy Rosemont for being a great mom to Finn as always.)

This week's worst: Kurt still trying to get Finn over to his side


In the early episodes, Kurt's love for Finn--and his methods of getting him to his shoulder pads--was adorable. Now, it's just... too outright? Back then all we got was Kurt breathily saying "I honestly love you", disguised as a song title. Now we have him asking Finn to decorate their room together... and even singing to Finn! Well, I figure this infatuation won't last long: with word that he'll get a boyfriend in the second season, things should work out fine. And Finn and pursue Rachel as long as he wants.

This week's quotables:


"Embarrassed? No, no. I'm worried about showing too much skin and causing a sex riot."
--Mercedes on how good she felt about herself... at least before Sue

"So you're free to date? And by 'date' I mean 'sleep with people', and by 'sleep with' I mean 'have sex with people'--people like me!"
--April, being creepy to Will... simply creepy

"I'm going to get myself a bikini wax, and I'll see you tomorrow."
--April, still being creepy to Will

"You might want to try dropping the attitude. I'm sure there's a pound or two in that."
--Sue, being serious about being the next Jillian Michaels

"I'm sobering up and I'm going to Broadway. I haven't had a drink in 45 minutes!"
--April, seemingly not getting it right... for now

My thought bubbles:

What about the Burt-Carole relationship?
To me it seems Finn and Kurt's efforts to tear the two apart didn't work, and Burt and Carole are still pretty much in love with each other. Will we see more of them in the coming weeks?

What about Kurt's feelings for Finn? As much as I got a bit freaked out by how blatant Kurt has become with Finn, I'm glad that the show didn't really shove it down our throats. But I expect more schemes from our resident fashionista to snag the footballer's heart, especially now that Rachel and Jesse are, well, an item...

What about Will and April? What, so you want a Will/April pair-up now? It's not a bad idea, but I imagine we're all Emma fanatics here...

Why didn't Rachel sing tonight? Because April sang three songs. Still, I don't mind.

Which New Directions member tastes better?
So, according to delusional Mercedes, Artie was a slice of cake, Tina was an ice cream cone, Jesse was a burger and Rachel was a cupcake. But someone on Twitter thought Will would taste better than anyone else--as butterscotch pudding...

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