Taylor Swift Wants To Do 'Glee' (Never Mind the Cory Monteith Dating Rumors)
Taylor Swift Wants To Do 'Glee' (Never Mind the Cory Monteith Dating Rumors)
Count one more big name who wants to do Glee: recent Grammy winner Taylor Swift.

"I'm really loving Glee right now," she told E! Online's Mark Malkin. "If it did happen, I'd love to see what they would do with me."

Well, one, there's quite a lot of big names who've either expressed interest in making a guest appearance on the hit series (returning April 13, by the way) or are already going there: Olivia Newton-John, Jennifer Lopez, Neil Patrick Harris...

...but there's something else with Taylor's Glee aspirations. Surely you've heard of all those rumors about the pop-country star supposedly dating Cory Monteith?

Malkin also reports that, well, those rumors aren't true. Sure, they were spotted dining together, but a source tells him that they're "just friends"--and that the guy we all know as Finn was later spotted at a West Hollywood nightspot with a blonde date. Not Taylor, note.

"Cory spent the evening attached to the girl at the hip," the source said. "They looked like they were into each other and having fun."

And I just realized the reason why I don't follow all this which-Glee-star-is-dating-who? news, never mind that I'm a gleek.

(Image courtesy of E! Online)