Samuel vs. Damian: Who Will Make the Better 'Glee' Star?
Samuel vs. Damian: Who Will Make the Better 'Glee' Star?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The finale of The Glee Project, much like Glee itself, made everyone feel like a winner. Dreadlocked heartthrob Samuel Larsen and adorable Irishman Damian McGinty were named co-winners, both earning seven-episode guest roles on Glee's third season, while runners-up Alex Newell and Lindsay Pearce also got two-episode guest arcs as a consolation prize.

That's a lot of fresh blood for Glee, which is just what the show needs given the impending graduation of several major characters. For anyone who watched The Glee Project, the roles these four kids will play seem fairly obvious. Alex will probably get a very special two-part episode about a transgender student, given co-creator Ryan Murphy's obsession with Alex's numerous drag performances. And Lindsay will probably turn up as a doppel-Berry, a rival to Rachel, maybe the newest star of Vocal Adrenaline.

But the real competition begins with Samuel and Damian. Though winning The Glee Project only ensures them seven episodes, there's the option for more. Past stars like Darren Criss made the leap from guest role to series regular, but which of these two winners has the best shot at doing that and sticking around Glee for the long haul?

Samuel Larsen

Murphy essentially revealed Samuel's potential role on The Glee Project, talking about his desire to write an alternative Christian character. Samuel seems tailor-made for a strong romantic lead, most likely with Quinn as her rebound guy following the break-up with Finn. He could also compete with Puck for the role of McKinley's top rebel. It's possible for him to stick around, but he might also be the latest in a long line of love interests who comes and goes. Look at Jonathan Groff as Jesse or Chord Overstreet as Sam, both of whom didn't last very long.

Damian McGinty

He may not have the same leading man magnetism as Samuel, but what makes Damian special is that he seems to have a high potential for comedic relief. Glee's best characters often go from minor comedy bits to full-time star, like Sue, Brittany or Santana. Damian could easily fit into that mold, coming in with a few small amusing moments with his thick Irish accent. Glee co-creator Ian Brennan already salivated over the idea of Brittany interacting with Damian and not understanding anything he says.

It's obvious that the Glee writers are in love with Brittany, and Damian has the potential to be a character much like her, which could make him an invaluable part of the show. He might not ever take over for Cory Monteith as the male lead of New Directions, but he could definitely be a long-term asset to the show.

In the end, I could definitely see both Samuel and Damian sticking around Glee for more than seven episodes. They're both insanely charismatic and entertaining, and hopefully the writers will help turn them into the show's future stars. Whatever happens, The Glee Project seems like a huge success if it can bring this much excitement and talent to the show.

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