Recess Is Over: Hello Again, Gleeks! 'Glee' Returns Tonight
Recess Is Over: Hello Again, Gleeks! 'Glee' Returns Tonight
So here's what you missed. Spanish teacher Will takes over William McKinley High's glee club, naming it New Directions and roping in a motley crew of students: celebrity-wannabe Rachel, diva Mercedes, fake-stutterer Tina, wheelchair-bound Artie, and gay fashionista Kurt. And quarterback Finn, too, after blackmailing him. His goal: to win sectionals, never mind opposition from cheerleading coach Sue, his wife Terri, and pretty much everybody else.

And do that they did. There was the baby drama involving Finn, his girlfriend Quinn and his best friend Puck. There was the other (fake) baby drama involving Will and Terri. There's Kurt coming out to his dad, there's Rachel falling in love with Finn, and there's Sue's many attempts to sabotage New Directions' chances, ultimately by leaking their set list to their competitors. And still they won: the opposing glee clubs came clean, Sue was suspended, and Will finally addressed his feelings to guidance counselor Emma.

And then, nothing. One hundred and twenty-five days of nothing. Well, there were details in between, about all the awesome stuff that they've planned for the next nine episodes, but we can only go so far with the same 13 episodes on repeat.

Well, gleeks, we have made it this far. The four-month hiatus is over, and the next nine weeks should be absolutely fantastic. Trust me--I've seen the next three episodes in advance, and they're so good you'll easily forget the four months you've spent waiting. As for the rest of you who haven't given this show a try, there's never been a better time.

Kids, say hello again to Glee.

"Don't stop!"

Tonight's episode serves as a set-up of sorts, to the bigger things ahead of New Directions. They've won sectionals, which mean regionals are coming, which mean they'll face their biggest rivals to date: Vocal Adrenaline. While we were away, the Cheerios limped on without a coach nor their head cheerleader. Oh, and Rachel and Finn finally decided to take the next step in their relationship.

But, as always, things will get quite complicated. The Rachel-Finn love story will get derailed when she meets Jesse St. James, Vocal Adrenaline's lead male. (That'd be Jonathan Groff, gleeks.) The idea of falling in love with the opponent should be enough to break the glee club apart, much more her with Finn, right?

Even complicating things further, Sue returns from her suspension (not after some nefarious means, of course) and vows to exact revenge by not just crushing New Directions, but possibly shooting it with a disintegration gun. Her idea to split the club apart? Split Rachel and Finn. Her idea to split the two? It involves this certain couple...

And of course, there's Will and Emma, finally an item. Never mind what happened to Ken--and you will see what happened to him, if you're curious--the question goes like this: will they take the next step in their relationship? With things melting over at the glee club, their relationship might take a hit when Will pays Vocal Adrenaline's coach, Shelby Corcoran, a visit. (That'd be Idina Menzel, gleeks. And no, no idea whether she's actually Rachel's mom.) Let's just say certain things will happen.

I have one question, gleeks, and I'm certain there's only one answer to this: are you ready? And yes, as I typed that, I'm having shivers down my neck. It's been four months. Surely you understand, right?

Glee returns tonight from 9:28pm--it's an odd time, or special, whatever--on Fox.

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