'Preggers' Recap: All The Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up!
'Preggers' Recap: All The Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up!
Last week on Glee, Will relives his boy band years, Quinn almost sabotages glee club, and Sandy gets slapped with a restraining order from Josh Groban.

We  kick off with "Single Ladies".  No, really.  Kurt, Tina and one of the Cheerios are doing a spoof-slash-parody-slash-tribute of sorts.  His dad suddenly arrives and asks why he's wearing a unitard.  Guys wear them too, he says, and it helps with conditioning.  The three end up making up this story, about Kurt being part of the football team, and Tina being his girlfriend, although not exclusively.

Meanwhile, Terri's practicing some breathing with Will and Kendra, and when they start talking about touching the tummy, she gets really, really fidgety.  She suddenly admits to Kendra that she's not really preggers, showing that she's just wearing this wrap around her belly.  But they're keeping it to themselves--and decide to shop around for a baby to pose as her own.

Sue's got herself a new career: hosting a segment on the local news called "Sue's Corner".  More chances for Sue quotes, which is good, but for her, she's only concerned about belittling Ken, Emma and Will (who are already having an awkward moment) at the lounge, explaining what "overnights" means in television parlance.  But the execs want her to win nationals if she wants to keep the job, so she gives Sandy a visit with another plan to kill glee club.  She offers him the head slot at the arts department (and she blackmailed Figgins with his old airline safety video to do just that) and conspires to take Rachel off glee club.

Will gets the glee clubbers into rehearsal, and Rachel complains again, because she isn't getting the solo to "Tonight" from West Side Story.  He's given it to Tina, deciding to shake things up a bit.  Cue the usual "but I'm the best there is" line from Rach, but Will only wants her in rehearsals.  Thinking he doesn't like her, she auditions for the lead in Sandy's play--also known as "plan to kill glee club"--and after belting "Taking Chances", she earns the role.

Kurt approaches Will and asks for a favor--no, not a date, but a free pass to the football team.  Or as Kurt calls it, an "audition".  After the team gets a lashing from Ken because they haven't won anything yet, Kurt struts his stuff--by dancing to "Single Ladies" before kicking the ball.  He makes the goal, and Ken found himself a kicker, in one of those dramatic realizations.

Quinn drops a bombshell for Finn: she's pregnant, and she's keeping it.  I knew it!  Never mind that they did it in the hot tub wearing swimwear and he's got another one of those mailman moments.  Terribly worried, he asks Will for advice, but their discussion oddly dovetailed to talk about the football team's performance.  He asks Will to teach the entire team to dance, something that gets Puck all riled up.  Ken was eventually convinced, and the whole team's ferried to the choir room, where Kurt has everyone dance to "Single Ladies".

Puck learns from Finn that Quinn's pregnant, and here's a bombshell--Puck is the dad!  Because she's drunk and she feels fat and Finn should've told him if they had sex.  Uh-oh.  It's clear she doesn't want Puck to have anything to do with the kid, but the confrontation ends in tears anyway, so she ends up crying in the car, where Terri is waiting for her!  She heard the news from Will, but doesn't make her intentions clear just yet.

The football game gets underway, and the home team isn't having any luck, six points to none.  The team's hesitant to dance on the field, but Finn calls for a last-second timeout and calls for just that.  Cue the most surreal moment on this show ever: the team starts dancing to "Single Ladies", and some of the away team are dancing too.  Touchdown on the home side!  Ken brings Kurt out to kick the final point, dances a bit more, and makes it.  Finally, the team won a game, and everyone celebrates: Will and Emma share another awkward moment, Kurt's dad is extra proud, and Quinn gives Finn a kiss.

Back home, Kurt finally comes out to his dad--but he knows already.  Since he was just three, in fact.  But he still loves him the same, and the two hug.  Really heartwarming moment.  I almost cried.

In the end, Finn gives Quinn his tattered baby blanket, Tina still gets the solo, and three footballers join glee club, including Finn.  Oh, and Rachel's quit, deciding that she'll just focus on being the lead for Sandy's play.  Uh-oh, again.

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