Nope, 'Glee' Isn't Getting A Stage Adaptation
Nope, 'Glee' Isn't Getting A Stage Adaptation
For one, I'm thankful we're not getting too much Glee.

The folks at Fox have denied reports that there are talks between the creators of the hit musical series and an established licensing company to produce a stage adaptation of Glee.

This comes after late in the week that Music Theater International, who were responsible behind adaptations of Hairspray and Rent in schools, revealed that they are in early talks with Glee's producers to create the adaptation. Those reports didn't clarify whether professionals or amateurs would be cast in roles.

"We are very careful and deliberate when contemplating brand extensions or our franchises and are mystified why Music Theater International would claim there have been any such discussions about a live theatrical version of Glee," 20th Century Fox rep Chris Alexander told Variety. He also added that no licensing talks are being done with any other party.

Well, not to worry: the Glee spring tour kicks off on May 15 with concerts in Phoenix, Los Angeles and New York. I'd rather have that, to be honest. I mean, seeing High School Musical without Zac Efron would be weird, right?

(Image courtesy of Fox)