Lindsay Lohan Is Not a Fan of 'Glee'
Lindsay Lohan Is Not a Fan of 'Glee'
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last week we all had another laugh at Lindsay Lohan's expense, when Glee guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury said the starlet looked like "something out of the Lord of the Rings." While we guffawed at the Gollum comparison, Lindsay herself didn't find it all that funny.

Last night Lindsay took to Twitter to share her thoughts on being memorialized in a Glee gag, and she was none to pleased.

And no Lindsay, they definitely weren't referring to you looking like a fairy. As for the Jayma Mays not being a natural redhead, that seems like the pot calling the kettle orange ... because that tan you sport is completely natural, right?

But Lindsay wasn't content with just a natural redhead dig, she went on to agree that Emma wasn't worthy of the power of Madonna.

In the battle between Glee vs. Lindsay, whose side are you on?

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