Is A Longer 'Glee' Season A Good Thing?
Is A Longer 'Glee' Season A Good Thing?
Perhaps this move is Fox's way of apologizing for the four-month wait we are still enduring.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the network is putting the final touches to their plan to extend Glee's second season. So, in the words of series creator Ryan Murphy, the next batch of episodes--this should be this September--could run for 25 episodes rather than the usual 22.

So, at first glance, yay--less repeats, less chance of loooong breaks (although the break we're in is because Fox ordered extra episodes that the Glee folk haven't shot yet) and more of the goings-on over at McKinley High. And more songs, too! You can only imagine what all those downloads and CD sales does for the economy.

But a part of me is actually worried. 25 episodes may make gleeks happy--I know I will--but that means stretching everything out way too thinly. Yes, the first 13 episodes aren't all perfect, but some of them got everything right. (I say woof to episode seven.) I'm just afraid that a 25-episode second season will mean all those episodes get diluted with filler rather than the good stuff.

Frankly, I'd rather have less excellent Glee episodes than more mediocre ones. (And admit it, some episodes leave you with the taste of blah in your mouth.) But the first 13 episodes saw the show get its groove, and I trust the writers know what they're doing, as they get more confident (goodbye Terri's pregnancy!).

But on to you, fellow gleeks. Happy with the possibility of a longer second season? Or do you think it will be a huge slushee facial?

(Image courtesy of Fox)