Glee: In Appreciation of Terri Schuester
Glee: In Appreciation of Terri Schuester
Dear Journal... nope, I won't go that way.

It's obvious I haven't exactly gotten over Glee from two nights ago. Sue's journal entry is still stuck in my head. (Thirty years old?) Will and Emma's googly-eyed expressions of longing and loneliness still make my heart break. (I'm frustrated at Emma right now--she became Ken's girlfriend just because, and now she's marrying Ken just because?) But if there's one thing from that episode that I liked the most, it's the one person I think all my gleek friends hate: Terri Schuester.

You see, for the most part Terri was just this nagging excuse for a wife who was so desperate to keep Will that she's faking a pregnancy and keeping on it until delivery day. Sure, that story's a bit ridiculous (unless Glee is poking fun at soaps) and we all thought she's going, more or less, the waste-of-space route.

And then the real Terri was unleashed when she became school nurse. Her drive to get things her way--in this case, keeping Will forever--is unbelievably shrewd, even despite her obvious dimwittedness. Well, no, she isn't really dimwitted. It's more that her emotions get in the way of rational thinking. She doesn't have nursing experience, but she still has the gumption to say "Trust me, I'm a nurse," if only to keep up with her Will recon mission.

You saw how convinced she was in her own abilities when she was giving that drug whose name I can't pronounce to those poor Glee kids, didn't you? That takes more than desperation. It takes guts.

The good thing is, Terri finally isn't a waste of space on the show. Well, sure, we're all probably more interested in Rachel and Finn's blossoming whatever, or Will and Emma's squashed-but-formerly-blossoming whatever, or Sue's latest punch line or ridiculous endeavor (Hovercraft? Really?) but at least I now know why Terri does what she does, and why Terri is who she is. I just can't out and out hate her. Even if she really is despicable, with her "the baby won't be ugly!" lines and her... just being sheer evil. Yep, I did call her that while watching the last episode.

Now that's settled, I'll continue to have my heart broken over those googly eyes.  What have you done, Terri?  What. Have. You. Freaking. DONE?

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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