Glee's "Most Serious" Episode Yet: Wheelchairs, Kurt's Dad, and Perhaps The Most Unlikely Couple Ever
Glee's "Most Serious" Episode Yet: Wheelchairs, Kurt's Dad, and Perhaps The Most Unlikely Couple Ever
I didn't realize I'm having a Finn moment for the past couple of weeks until today, when I looked at the calendar and realized we'll be waiting for a new Glee episode for three whole weeks--well, two weeks, half a week from the last episode, and half a week towards the new episode.  Either that, or my math is faulty.

Still, there's still a few things that you might want to know when the show returns on November 11.  "Wheels" is touted as one of the best Glee episodes yet.  "It gets really serious towards the end of it," Kevin McHale told the Los Angeles Times.  "I can't even explain it.  You see the heart in some people you might not expect to have a heart."

In fact, he calls it the most serious episode of the show yet--although it has one of the funniest bits, too.  "You definitely see sides of people that you probably are not expecting," he said.  "There are four huge story lines going on, love triangles switching up.  And everyone gets in wheelchairs at some point."

By that, Artie probably means Puck and Quinn!  Well, Puck-Rachel fans, there's nothing to expect.  E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos revealed that "Wheels" will feature the preggy cheerleader and the actual dad in some pretty close moments--he pays for her ultrasound bill (thank for your being scrimpy Terri!) and they almost kiss.  And, according to Jenna Ushkowitz, we might want to expect the return of the Finn-Rachel story: "Finn definitely has some major decisions to make, and Finn and Quinn aren't exactly on the best of terms."

And there are "supercute" romantic scenes between Artie and Tina.  Now I did not see that coming.

On that episode, the whole glee club goes behind Artie, starting a bake sale and dancing on wheelchairs like crazy because his chances of traveling with them to regionals are in question.  (Yes, the official episode synopsis is out.  Wait a minute--you're all talking about regionals already?)

And then there's the bit between Kurt and Rachel, or as they call it, a "diva-off".  With Kurt hinting that he's got an iPod playlist that's dedicated to the wicked wonders of Wicked, we should expect more moments between him and his dad.  And Sue showing another one of her soft sides?  You mean she still has a soft side?

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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