Gleeks React: This Season Is Over. Bring On The Next One!
Gleeks React: This Season Is Over. Bring On The Next One!
It's inevitable, gleeks: after the season finale comes the hiatus. The very long Glee hiatus.

Sure, we're pretty lucky this summer, since we have The Glee Project (premiering June 12 on Oxygen) to look forward too, but sometimes watching people vie to be the next Rachel Berry just doesn't beat watching the real (okay, relatively real) Rachel Berry make faces while singing. But hey, we all need a break from things once in a while.

Still, we have a lot of things to ponder after last week's season finale, "New York". I'll admit, it's quite underwhelming for a finale -- it felt like random bits of New York thrown together, and it somehow rounds up many of my frustrations towards the second season as a whole -- but it still, somehow, manages to set up the third season well. So, for the season's final installment of Gleeks React, we talk about all the relationship drama, plus the things you want to see when Glee returns this fall.

The Nationals Post-Mortem

New York gave us another loss for New Directions, a nagging indecision on Quinn's part (suddenly karenb283's theory last week that she's suffering from post-partum depression is making so much sense) and a strangely smart realization from Brittany: it's all about acceptance, and at least, after all this, they pretty much accept each other. Sounds like Lost's "It's all about the journey" thing, yes?

Anyway, lots of thoughts about last week's episode -- and most of you thought along the lines of this particular comment:

CassieWestphal: "It wasn't a horrible episode, but it does not live up to the hype."

Specifics, then?

Melki: "I can't help thinking of last year's season finale. That was really good. This one ... felt disjointed and with way too many plotlines and issues. Still, I liked it and, since I'm a gleek, I'm willing to forgive all the flaws, inconsistencies and a lackluster Nationals competition."

superjew5750: "Only a show pompous enough to think it has guaranteed viewership for the next season would end as lame as this."

ErikEvans: "I really thought they would win, but ... they still have next year and I'm also sure they'll win next season so I guess it makes sense."

lufsupernatural: "They didn't win. What the hell! Not because I thought they deserved to, but my god, it's going to be another season of 'rah rah rah Nationals, all that matters rah rah rah.'"

It wasn't all complaints, of course:

Jenna Rebekah Francis, via Facebook: "Even though they lost, I loved it, especially how it ended with Blaine saying I love you to Kurt!"

Maria Denisse Salcedo, via Facebook: "I loved every second of it ... I just didn't want it to end. I just think that they were amazing performing and that kiss ... OMG!"

And then there's the New Yorker's perspective. I was watching this episode with a friend who lives in the Big Apple, and she was ripping the whole thing apart for not getting the New York experience right. ("Ray's for pizza?") Here's a nicer, but still biting, take:

lizzydizzy15: "I live in NYC and this episode was a bit bizarre to me. [The 'I Love New York'/'New York, New York'] number in particular really had my eyes rolling."

But they're just details, little details. The most important bit happens in the next section.

The Future for Finchel and Samcedes

What's it with Finn, Rachel and season finales? I know most of you want them together, so we end the season with them getting past all the roadblocks and exchanging kisses (including one that screwed their chances at Nationals -- I'm with Jesse on this one). Last time it happened they ended up splitting up anyway, so will Finchel survive season 3?

insert_wit_here: "Is it wrong that I don't want them to survive? I know, I'm probably going to get flamed or something for saying that, but logically speaking, high school relationships don't usually last. Some do, but they are the exception and not the rule."

Michelle van Gerven, via Facebook: "God, I hope not! I mean, the fact that they are together now is completely contrived as it is, plus those two characters when put together become incredibly annoying, especially Rachel."

@crazyzoe96: "Of course, or heads will roll!"

Question is, should they have gotten back together at all?

AmandaMay: "I hated Rachel and Finn getting back together. It was not good for Rachel's character at all."

Paola Sales Rabago, via Facebook: "As much as I felt happy that Finn and Rachel got back together, I thought it happened really fast ... After all that Rachel went through this season she just forgives him like that? She should have waited a little bit and made sure that Finn is serious with her this time!"

RoxannaLock2: "I, for one, am happy that Sam and Mercedes are dating."

Ahh, yes, the other new couple in Glee folklore. Do we call them Samcedes? I don't want to call them Mersam -- it sounds like cough medicine. Anyway, it's about time our resident diva gets a squeeze of her own, especially after the I-love-Kurt-but-my-gaydar-is-broken drama. On to your thoughts, then:

heathermiller8: "I hope they last off screen and into season 3 [because] there are so many ways this ship can go."

@issanika: "I think Mercedes deserves much better. Sam was already with half of the Glee girls. She's too good to be [the] consolation prize."

WendyWinfrey: "I absolutely want them to last because Mercedes needs a man and Sam is a cutie patootie. And why are they keeping it a secret? Is it because Sam has been passed around the glee club like the collection plate at the church?"

Yeah -- why are you keeping it a secret, Samcedes? Here's some advice for you:

Sarah Brumble, via Facebook: "I think they have their reasons [for keeping their relationship a secret] and I love them together but, at the same time, I don't think that keeping it will end well."

@daniGLEEK92: "What are they afraid of? They are really cute together!"

The Things We Want To See in Season 3

With season 2 over, it's time to set our sights on season 3 -- and considering that the last 22 episodes have been really uneven, our wishes for the next 22 have never been more important. My colleague John Kubicek wants to see nine things when Glee returns in the fall, and you, as always, pitched in with more:

JessicaAlvin2: "I wish that Tina would get a meaningful plotline, other than just standing there being the Asian representative."

Melki: "Let's hope they let her finish, at least, one song next season."

djmoon: "Karofsky needs to come out, with just a little backlash from the [football] team, all of whom in turn will wear pink jerseys at a big game in support of him. Don't just come out, get out, Karofsky!"

buddyali: "They should make Finn get Rachel pregnant and then have [her] die in childbirth."

Oh, that's just mean. Anyway...

ananapooh: "Next season should have Quinndependence. Last season they said they were gonna do it and, four episodes in, she was on a date with Sam."

heathermiller8: "Quinn might be the best way to work in whatever new character comes from the winner of The Glee Project. But isn't that new character supposed to be a younger classman? Perhaps Quinn will become a mentor for the new kid or maybe they can channel all her energy into charity work or something..."

musicgirl6397: "You know after season 3, there will be all new Glee characters? That's what they should set up -- fresh meat."

CreedogV: "Graduating nine principal cast members in one fell swoop will destroy the show. They have one year to figure out how to either endear us to a new host of misfits or include the graduates in future seasons. Or, better yet, a mix of both."

Verissa Davila, via Facebook: "My vote is that they follow them to college."

I'm with Finn on this one -- let's not worry about graduation yet. But we'll talk about this halfway through the hiatus. Or at least we'll try.

This Summer's Talking Points

And... that's it! The season's over, which means Gleeks React won't be back in its regular spot next week -- although I'll still have your reactions across the summer break. I've got some questions lined up, so watch out for them on our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as on BuddyTV. There we'll also have more updates and conversation to get you through the wait.

Oh, and yes, we'll be talking about The Glee Project too, so get ready to make up your new character and how they fit in with the rest of the cast. Why not watch the contestants' first music video to help you along?

With that, it's time for me to finally bid adieu to this roller coaster ride that is the second season of Glee. Until the fall then, gleeks!

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