Gleeks React: Quinn Fabray vs Rachel Berry, Round 3
Gleeks React: Quinn Fabray vs Rachel Berry, Round 3
When Glee returned for the first of its six remaining episodes this season, I wondered whether the show could handle all of the storylines they left floating: Kurt and Blaine, Kurt and Karofsky, Rachel and Finn, Quinn and Finn, Santana and Brittany, Will and Emma, Will and Holly...

Three episodes later, and only the Will-related stories have seen some resolution. Kurt and Blaine are together, but Karofsky remains a threat to him, despite Santana's little plot to keep him under control so they can both hide their actual sexual orientation to the public. (And to make things complicated, Brittany's piling on the pressure, causing her and Artie to break up.)

But tonight's Glee might see more storylines wrapped up. You see, it's prom night, and apart from the costumes, the romances and that "Friday" cover, there's the scene where Quinn brings Rachel to the restroom, berates her for ruining her prom, and slaps her. All for the love of Finn, yes? This catfight is getting nasty.

And that's where we begin this week's packed edition of Gleeks React, where your Facebook and Twitter comments are compiled in a manner gentler than that slap.

Team Fabray or Team Berry?

So, whose side are you on? Counting all your responses here, here and here, it seems 73% of you are on Rachel's side:

CSINYlover16: "All Quinn wants with Finn is to win Prom King and Queen! And Rachel actually loves Finn. She's the only one who will accept him for who he is. They are so meant for each other!"

Jessiewigan: "Did you see [Quinn] looking at those tiaras a few eps back? It was like 'myyy preciousssssss!'"

Andrea McCaul, via Facebook: "Quinn is so horrible to everyone. She treats Finn like a slave. I want to see Rachel slap her!"

samantha_20: "I don't understand how Quinn can bully others, especially Rachel, when she herself actually received the same treatment with the Lucy Caboosey issue. I know Rachel can be annoying sometimes -- heck, even I want to punch her sometimes -- but she is a really kind person once you get past that annoying attitude."

@issanika: "Maybe [Rachel's] not perfect but I like her more than bitchy Quinn. I have a problem trusting blondes."

18% of you, on the other hand, are on Quinn's side:

TVinsomniac: "[Quinn's] only angry and defensive because of Rachel's obvious attempts to flirt with Finn right in front of her nose. Rachel is starting to come off as a little creepy and seems to have trouble moving on and accepting some honest facts in life."

TashaHuggins: "I think [Quinn] knows what she wants. She has reasonable intentions, and despite her adulterous past, she's mature and she's thinking about her future. Rachel is just trying to deny her feelings when she really should be coming clean about them, and frankly her quest to get back together with Finn is pathetic."

An6ra: "[Rachel] really needs to back off [Finn] right now if he is with Quinn. She is proving that she is worse than Quinn with her obsession and disrespect for their relationship. If that happened to me in real life, she would have lost some teeth and hair by now."

As for the rest? Well, they're for neither side. But to be honest, some who are pro-Quinn or pro-Rachel are picking a third option:

wildlark: "I'm Team You-Two-Need-To-Get-Over-This-Guy-Who-Can't-Even-Make-Up-His-Mind-Up-As-To-Who-He-Likes. If I did have to choose, I guess it would be Rachel."

jellyjuice: "I don't think Finn is good for any of them. He's confusing, and he comes off as a douche. Rachel would be better off single and not obsessing with Finn. On the other hand, I would love to see Quinn back with Sam or with Puck."

@djeterg19: "Um, neither? They are both terrible people."

Michelle van Gerven, via Facebook: "Can I also be on Team Faberry?"

Will Santana Ever Come Out?

Last week's other big story revolves around Santana, who flip-flopped about whether to publicly admit that she's a lesbian. Brittany's hoping that she does, to the point of unwittingly outing her in Fondue for Two, but after getting Santana to promise that she will come out, nothing happens. The world knows Santana and Karofsky are going strong, not that they're just each other's beards.

But they've come so far for this. Artie even broke up with Brittany after he raised his suspicions. Brittany admits that she loves Santana too. Question is, will Santana return the favor?

CreedogV: "She's obviously going to. It's just inevitable given the storyline. She's desperate to be with Brittany, who won't accept anything but a public relationship, which gives her the incentive to hop out of the closet."

@Belx2: "[The] finale could be a perfect time [for Santana to come out]. I dunno, but I want Klaine to be able to help her come out."

Glee101: "I think she's going to come out at prom and bail the whole Karofsky plan."

Alexa Morgan Eason, via Facebook: "I think she should come out, but she shouldn't go out with Brittany."

Chelsey Flax, via Facebook: "I think she should have come out, like, yesterday."

Stacey Pendolino, via Facebook: "I seriously doubt it!"

Glee: Comedy or Drama?

If you think all the Quinn-slaps-Rachel-while-Santana-ponders-the-closet drama is too heavy for Glee, well, that's a different question altogether. BuddyTV's top gleek John Kubicek wondered whether Glee is trying too hard to be both a comedy and a drama at the same time, and it inevitably led to a pretty furious debate about what the show really is.

ananapooh: "It's a comedy that used to have some fun drama thrown into it, but now it seems more like a drama with few jokes. I liked the old Glee better because it seems they mess with the characters we used to know with all the drama."

dman747707: "I feel like this has been Glee from the very beginning. It is funny when it needs to be and gives us serious subject matter as well; it's a comedy very much like Nip/Tuck was."

LauraJenkins2: "I think it's both and actually blends the two rather well ... I think the show is pretty clear about when you should laugh and when you should take it seriously and, for me anyway, I find the best storylines the ones where the mood suddenly changes."

ErikEvans: "Sometimes they try to do too many things at once and the results aren't perfect, but they're taking risks and most of the time they work properly. Stop overanalyzing it, or just change the channel."

JulianaMacedo: "For me, Glee is a musical comedy-drama and I enjoy it for what it is."

All The Other Bits

SAM STEALS THE SPOTLIGHT: We're getting mixed reactions about the revelation that Sam's family is struggling to make ends meet. @Lover_of_Books enjoyed it, saying that "it was so sad and true to what most Americans are going through." However, @AdamPascalFan wasn't as forgiving, calling it a "pathetic attempt to make us care about a boring character."

WILL ARTIE AND BRITTANY GET BACK TOGETHER? @moon_upon_stick thinks they will, but there's a catch: "I don't want them to." LaLa Alexandra over at Facebook agrees: "I would give him the same advice that I'd give to a real teenager: don't date until you can handle dating." @MissMartan just wants a reconciliation: "If they don't [get back together] want a good friendship between them."

WE WANT FONDUE FOR TWO: More of you prefer Brittany's web talk show more than Sue's Corner (remember that?) but some have a better idea. Quoting Mairin Monteath over on Facebook: "Fondue for Two with a special guest act: Sue's Corner. Perfection."

Next Week's Talking Points

See, told you this week's installment was packed -- and next week's is poised to be just as packed, judging from tonight's Glee. Just take all that we talked about and throw it into the prom setting. Add in a dash of Jonathan Groff returning (with a spooky cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep"), a bit of Rebecca Black's "Friday" (ugh), and that spoiler (don't click on that one!) and we're all set.

We'll be back tonight with our take on "Prom Queen," and you can send in your thoughts over here, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Until tonight, gleeks!

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