Gleeks React: Bye, Holly. Hi Again, Kurt. Farewell To Who?
Gleeks React: Bye, Holly. Hi Again, Kurt. Farewell To Who?
There's always a point in every TV show where they bring out an episode that doesn't do much at first, but sets up the succeeding episodes perfectly. Thing is, you'd expect that to happen with serialized shows such as Lost or Fringe. But Glee did pretty much that last week.

Or at least that's how I'd like to think of it. We all agree -- "Night of Neglect," the show's first new episode after a month-long break, was decidedly average. Sure, it's nice to see the show focus on underrated artists and (more importantly) neglected characters, but apart from seeing Sandy and Terri return, the whole effort just made me go "meh." Maybe these characters are neglected for a good reason? Oh, I don't think so. It's just a set-up episode, I convince myself repeatedly.

Still, the gleek community has things to talk about -- last week's episode saw some movement couples-wise, of course. And there are a few more details about upcoming episodes that make us go, "What will happen?" So, like I've done with every Glee morning, I've collected your responses on BuddyTV, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages. We love you like that.

A Pretty Average "Night of Neglect"

As I said a few paragraphs ago: "Night of Neglect" was just average.

RuthiePie: "And now, tonight, we have proof of why these Glee characters are neglected and should be happy to sway in the background."

Umm, that was a bit harsh.

JenniferHannah2: "It was nice to see other people in the spotlight, even though I love Lea's voice more than anyone else's."

It's safe to say that last week's installment was either good or bad for you lot. But let's talk about those neglected characters, shall we?

wildlark: "After waiting this long to see Sunshine and Tina in the spotlight, this episode was a bit of a letdown for them."

FlecherandFriend: "[I] can't believe that they really made Tina break down during another song. It's like a bad running gag."

Orpheus88: "The best performance of the episode was definitely Mercedes' song. She was amazing, and she did prove that she can hold her own against the other glee club members. But then again, we already knew that."

But one relatively major character still took the spotlight:

Faith417: "Santana standing up to Karofsky and defending Kurt and Blaine was by far the best thing about this episode."

The Couples Are On The Move

But the most important bit off last week has to be about the adults. Holly and Will split up (amicably, to Dustin Tool-sby's chagrin). Carl has broken off with Emma. Conveniently, it opens another door for Wemma to return! So will they be together?

Glee101: "Yes! It's going to happen!"

Mary Katherine Alexander, via Facebook: "I thought they would be at the end of season 1, because they had that great romantic kiss. Then, lo and behold, she's dating someone else. So I don't want to get my hopes up again."

@Eggface: "I vote for a dirty germ-filled rendezvous in the elevator as a form of shock therapy."

And with that split, it's the last we'll see of Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holliday. She was supposedly on board for only two episodes, but she ended up in four. Were you impressed with what she did, though, gleeks?

@dani_hl_92: "I liked Gwyneth Paltrow in 'The Substitute' and 'Sexy' but I think, as one of the main roles in the last episode, it was enough."

Michelle van Gerven, via Facebook: "I really liked Holly Holliday at first and she functioned as a perfectly fine catalyst during 'Sexy,' but judging from this week's episode I think the character outstayed her welcome."

As for John Stamos? He can't just disappear like that, right?

Mairin Monteath, via Facebook: "I'm sure they'll get him back, even if it's randomly. He could come back because of legal issues with the divorce, to talk to Will or maybe even to come and 'play' with Santana like she wanted to..."

@Dreamin4Utopia: "Hope that's it. I never liked that dentist anyway."

Thankfully there's at least one working relationship on Glee: Kurt and Blaine. And with Kurt returning to McKinley High on tonight's episode, the gleekdom's understandably anxious about whether Klaine and continue to stick with each other.

CarolineRamos4: "Kurt and Blaine are in the middle of the honeymoon phase of their relationship. They're gonna go from seeing each other everyday to going to different schools. That's gonna be hard on them. Why does Blaine have to be so perfect?"

dman747707: "The show needs to watch out making this relationship too cheesy. I respect that they don't want it to be a funny relationship like Rachel/Puck or Santana/Sam, or a messed up one like Quinn/Everyone or Will/Terri, but it's also important not to make them so in love that we get annoyed."

WannabeWinchester: "I am so glad that Kurt is back at McKinley, but I'm gonna miss seeing Blaine. I hope he stays around this season, but I know that Darren Criss is a permanent cast member next season, so all is well!"

Don't Tell Me Someone Is Dying!

What has the gleekdom worried more: the reported death on Glee's May 17 episode, ominously named "Funeral." Now, it might be another red herring -- last time we talked about a Glee death, it was Pavarotti, the Warblers' bird -- but it seems this time around it's pretty serious. Fellow gleek John Kubicek has five picks for the possible Glee death. (My money's on Burt Hummel.) What about you?

lizzydizzy15: "I think it will be someone close to Rachel and likely be used as a reason to drive Finn and her closer."

Moonshine3991: "It can be anyone but Burt Hummel! [That] would be too cruel to Kurt!"

Gleek619: "I think it will either be one of Sam's relatives, one of Rachel's dads or mom, or Quinn's mom, but I am leaning towards Rachel's mom more."

StelenaLover: "I kind of think it will be one of the glee kids, 'cause it says 'McKinley's own' [in the official episode description] but you never know..."

PghPens71: "Lauren Zizes."

McAbbyNCIS: "I think it might be Becky. I don't remember where, but [I read] that they're looking to cast someone as Becky's mother, and someone for a priest."

ananapooh: "I hope it relates to someone who hasn't had much [of a] storyline."

Now that sounds cruel.

This Week's Talking Points

In case you've been living under a rock, you must know that tonight's Glee is an hour and-a-half long. And it has Lauren and Quinn battling to be prom queen. And it has Santana being herself. And it has Kurt returning to McKinley High, which definitely means some sort of resolution to the Kurt/Karofsky story. And it has that ubiquitous Lady Gaga song. Me, I'm just hoping they wrap up the storyline in a good way.

So we've got extra Glee to discuss this time next week. You know the drill: post your comments on our recap tonight, or like our Facebook page, where we talk Glee all the time. Whatever happens, we'll be here to gleek out with you. Until tonight, gleeks!

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