Gleeks React: Blaine Hearts Kurt, But Who Hearts Quinn?
Gleeks React: Blaine Hearts Kurt, But Who Hearts Quinn?
Hello there, gleeks. How are you dealing with this dry patch, also known as The Hiatus? Sure, it's not as long as the four-month break we had to endure last year, but waking up to Tuesdays and realizing that Glee will be a rerun (in tonight's case, it's "The Substitute") just doesn't do it. You know, deep inside, that there's a hole waiting to be filled, much like Rachel whenever she sings "Only Child."

Thankfully, last week's episode left us with lots to talk about. "Original Song" saw New Directions finally win Regionals, although I guess nobody cares about that now, since Blaine kissed Kurt, Quinn is really gunning for Finn, and Blaine kissed Kurt again. While the hearts of all the Klaine shippers melt, I'll go sift through your reactions from last week's Glee. Let's get on with it, shall we?

The Blaine/Kurt Affair

Who didn't squeal in delight after Blaine and Kurt kissed?

LorLupin2: "Can I just say that I'm over the Klainebow and in kind of a haze right now to type more?"

CarolineRamos4: "I have been waiting for Kurt and Blaine to make out ever since 'Never Been Kissed!' And that kiss last night was epic! It was perfect for these two characters."

I thought so. Yes, it's safe to say that we were all happy to see Kurt finally find someone who really understands him. It also helps that Blaine, like him, is not as self-assured as he looks: the prospects of the two exploring everything together just makes the relationship much sweeter. Sure, some of us may think the timing's a little off -- I still think the two could've flirted more rather than an epiphany to the tune of "Blackbird":

dman747707: "I do think that Blaine's newfound love for Kurt was a bit out of the blue."

But we're not really worrying about that now. The biggest question: what should happen to these two now?

BethanyWeathers2: "They get to learn to be a couple. Neither of them have been in a gay relationship before, so they will learn how to be together. And I will enjoy every moment of it. Unless, of course, they break up, in which I will cry like a little girl."

Orpheus88: "And how about a third solution? Karofsky and Kurt deal with their problem, Kurt threatens to out him, [and] they verbally fight about it. Karofsky finally realizes he can't pretend to be who he isn't and comes out. And maybe [much later] in the show they flirt together and kiss again -- all that happening during Kurt and Blaine's relationship. And later Blaine finds out. And there you have it. A perfect, exciting storyline."

jlwalker2: "Technically Karofsky was Kurt's first kiss, so there could be mingled feelings there making [Orpheus88's] suggestion plausible."

I actually thought we'd all be thinking about the fun times Klaine will have together now that they're together. Then again, the ripped-from-the-headlines prom episode's on the horizon, and "Born This Way" -- the episode in which Karofsky will purportedly address his issues -- will be airing on April 19. One last, then?

zibbeth: "So far, Klaine has been the best relationship on the show. It had a nice slow build-up, gave us a great foundation, and had an absolutely beautiful culmination ... Obviously the relationship is going to have lots of problems through the rest of season 2 and season 3 (because [the writers] get bored with relationships if they're too perfect), but I really hope they make it."

The Quinn/Rachel/Finn Scandal

It's not, however, looking good for the other big Glee relationship. Well, Rachel and Finn have been apart for a while now, but scenes like last week's pre-performance exchange (Rachel: "The last time we were here you said that you love me.") tell us that it's not exactly over between the two. Oh, yes, and Quinn flicking the bitch-switch on, making a serious play for Finn so she can be prom queen again. And in the middle of it all, Finn Hudson, the disappointing turncoat.

What makes this interesting is Quinn's supposed reasons to Rachel for doing just that. "I get Finn. You get heartbroken. And then Finn and I stay here, and start a family. I'll become a successful real estate agent, and Finn will take over Kurt's dad's tire shop. You don't belong here, Rachel. And you can't hate me for helping to send you on your way." True words, but you can't help but feel it's a bit too selfish, right? (That's frustrating considering how much she grew back in the first season.)

JenniferHannah2: "I honestly can't believe that. Even if [Quinn] does think Rachel's better than Lima, that doesn't mean that her motives are pure. I really got from the scene that she wanted Finn for herself, regardless of whether or not she peaks in high school, and if Rachel leaves Lima for greener pastures. It seemed to me that she wanted to justify her actions to Rachel, and to herself."

laura11383: "To think Quinn's motives are that pure [is] naive, at least with the way the writers have crafted her character development. She doesn't care about others right now -- just herself."

We're quite split on this one. I'm frustrated that all that development went kaput with this storyline, but my colleague John Kubicek loved the new development. She may be bitchy, but all she wants is her man, and since Finn won't be going anywhere at this point, why can't they be together? You lot have proposed really interesting ideas about this:

Rebeccamckeever2: "I think [Quinn's] depressed. Last year she was desperate [to] get out of Lima and not end up a Lima loser, but now she's given in ... She seems to have decided [that] being prom queen is the highlight of her banal existence."

KristinaBuford: "Quinn did not seem happy about her supposed future ... Plus, you can tell later on in the episode that Quinn realizes she will never be Finn's first choice."

And some of you weren't so nice to Miss Fabray:

gleefullywicked: "She has been the quintessential manipulator since the beginning of the show. Head Cheerio: check. Quarterback boyfriend: check. Bullying those beneath her: check. Treating other Cheerios like her subordinates: check. Lying to her boyfriend about her pregnancy: check. Jumping on the Sam Evans bandwagon when Finn was off the football team: check. We thought she learned a lesson when she was pregnant ... but now Quinnie is back doing what she does best: clawing her way to the top. Delicious!"

So who should get the quarterback?

ErikEvans: "I still want Finn to end up with Rachel. Yes, Finn has always been the small town boy ... but I think the whole point of his character is that he wants to be something more. He doesn't want to stay in Lima and Rachel would help him achieve that, while Quinn would hold him back, and he'd end up hating her."

TashaHuggins: "I think that she's afraid that Rachel will take Finn away from her, which would rob her of the simple life that she feels she deserves. But frankly, I adore Quinn and I think that her and Finn should be together."

wildlark: "Neither of them should be with him, because both of them need a break from dating. What happened to Quinn getting pregnant and deciding that she shouldn't just focus on chasing after guys or popularity? What happened to Rachel in that sleepover scene with Mercedes and Kurt, deciding that being single so she could focus on her career wasn't such a bad thing?"

The Hiatus

Expect those two stories to take center stage as Glee airs its last six episodes of the season starting April 12. (Oh, and there's also Sunshine's return, and possibly Jesse. Don't tell me Rachel and Jesse will return?) Yes, that means we'll have to wait that long. But we're already a week into the hiatus, and I don't see anybody suffering from Glee withdrawal syndrome, so yay to us! Still, doesn't hurt to fill up your hiatus survival kit, which should have...

@MerielGasco_: "Old [Glee] episodes. Forever rewatching the old episodes until the hiatus finishes. It's a long journey, but I'll survive. Hopefully."

@RikiMuniz: "Probably a lot of fan fiction!"

Michael Schatz, via Facebook: "Headbands."

May I suggest you check out our Glee Ultimate Fan Page on Facebook? Like it, and you've got something in your hiatus survival kit! We'll post updates, have conversations, and wait out the hiatus together. I'll talk to you there -- and, by April 12, a new episode beckons. See you then, gleeks!

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