Glee: Wednesday Night's Director's Cut and Friday's Night's Tweet-Peat
Glee: Wednesday Night's Director's Cut and Friday's Night's Tweet-Peat
It's slightly official: there's more than enough Glee for everyone.

If you're reading this, you've probably seen the pilot last May, and are on the edge of your seat waiting for the second episode to air on September 9.  Maybe you're one who missed that pilot, don't understand the hype, and are really curious as to what it's all about.  We've explained it in places, sure, but in case you haven't seen the pilot within the past four months--on the telly, or online--you can watch it tonight from 9pm on Fox.

Or, as Kim would surely lovingly remind you, it'll air at exactly 8:58pm.  This is, after all, the director's cut of the Glee pilot.  So, in between us seeing a Spanish teacher relive his glory days by taking over his school's glee club, there should be some scenes that we haven't seen before.  So, yeah, if you're a gleek like I am, you'd want to see those extra scenes.

Then, on Friday night, you can watch the Glee pilot yet again.  But it's what the folks at Fox call a "tweet-peat"--essentially, you watching the show, and seeing tweets from producers and cast members scroll on the lower part of the screen.  You can, of course, ask them questions and they might just answer you in real time.  Pretty much like watching a DVD of your favorite show and hearing the cast's commentary, only you don't need to buy a DVD, and you see the commentary as it unfolds, rather than hear them.

Anyway, the Glee tweet-peat airs this Friday at 9pm on Fox.  The best way to experience it is to sign up for a Twitter account--I'm sure you have that already, but in case you still have to get up to speed, we have a handy guide right here--and follow the Glee folks tweeting along to the show.  The entire chat will be at the show's official Twitter page (@GLEEonFOX).

East coasters, you'll be tweeting with these guys:

Lea Michele (@msleamichele)
Kevin McHale (@druiddude)
Mark Salling (@mark_salling)

West coasters, you'll be tweeting with these guys:

Cory Monteith (@frankenteen)
Amber Riley (@msamberriley)
Chris Colfer (@chriscolfer)

And if you'd like some practice, Fox will be doing the same thing with Fringe on Thursday night.  And don't forget to put the #Glee hashtag at the end of your tweet on that night.

So, again, the director's cut of the Glee pilot airs tonight from 9pm, and the tweet-peat airs on Friday night, also at 9pm.  Get ready, gleeks.  For one, I'll really be asking about Rachel's high-knee socks, as freaky as it may sound...

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of Fox)