'Glee' Video: Sue and Kitty Criticize Kurt for Being a NYADA Reject
'Glee' Video: Sue and Kitty Criticize Kurt for Being a NYADA Reject
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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With Glee returning in only three days, FOX has released another scene from this week's premiere. This time, we get to see more of the scene in Sue's office that we first saw in last week's "Call Me Maybe" promo.

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Sue may be a new mother. However, that's not going to stop her from continuing to insult anyone she sees. Though now, she's got a mini-me with the same snarky attitude -- and no, it's not the baby. It's Kitty, played by newcomer Becca Tobin.

Kurt is probably still trying to get over being rejected from NYADA, but the new cheerleader says, "Shouldn't you be in college or something? I thought gay people were all successful overachievers." That just opens the floodgates for Sue to continue kicking him when he's down. Take a look below:

Even though we know Kurt will eventually make his way to New York City, it's good to see he's made plans to continue his higher education, even if it is closer to home and not as grand as NYADA: "My classes at Allen County Community College start next week."

Based on the little bit we see of Kitty at the start of this scene, are you looking forward to seeing more of her in the weeks to come? And will Sue show her soft side this season or, based on this clip, is that done and over with?

Glee season 4 premieres Thursday at 9pm on FOX.

(Image and video courtesy of FOX)

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