'Glee': The Best and Worst of 'Silly Love Songs'
'Glee': The Best and Worst of 'Silly Love Songs'
Glee's post-Super Bowl episode was a fun watch, but last night's episode definitely gets the ball rolling. And I'm not just talking about the developments between the characters -- I wish I could call all of them developments, um, Quinn -- but the way the show seems to be in top form this week. Is it just me, or did this episode feel a bit like those wonderful episodes in season 1? A little absurd, a little heartfelt and some really good songs to boot.

Well, I think "Silly Love Songs" is one of the best episodes of this season, and I'll enumerate the reasons why. (And one reason why it isn't.) Fingers crossed the show continues in this direction, because even the more die-hard gleeks are, I sense, getting a little restless.

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Best of the Night, Part One: Lauren Zizes


I love the way that she is a tough nut on the outside, but a real softie inside. Imagine someone who can beat the crap out of you turn out to be a sickly sweet romantic inside. She's one of those characters that get the balance right -- more Coach Beiste than Sam.

Best of the Night, Part Two: Santana Lopez


It's not the street clothes. (OK, that helped.) It's not the nurse outfit either. (OK, that really helped.) But this episode was definitely about Santana. Sure, she's still a bitch, but at least we know what's going inside her head -- and it's not just being frank and promiscuous and all. I thought her attempt to expose Finn and Quinn's affair was beyond revenge -- more of her seeking redemption, perhaps. She might've said something like, "If I'm a bitch, then what do you call that?"

Best of the Night, Part Three: Artie and Mike's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"


Nothing but Kevin McHale's vocals (and dancing) and Harry Shum Jr.'s dancing to best illustrate what is so far Glee's most stable relationship. Not to mention the fact that Artie got away with singing a song to Brittany and Tina. Awkward?

Worst of the Night: Tina's Breakdown


I'd like to think that the tears (OK, full-on crying) was because she really, really, really loves Mike, despite the propensity to often eat chicken feet salad. But tears? Er, full-on crying? A little bit over the top for a supposedly tender moment. It was more uncomfortable to watch than the Warblers' "Gap attack" -- for some reason they sounded fine despite the awkwardness of it all ... why can't Tina?

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