'Glee': The Best and Worst of 'Blame It On The Alcohol'
'Glee': The Best and Worst of 'Blame It On The Alcohol'
I had such high hopes for this week's episode of Glee. Blame it on the teaser last week, showing us how crazy things get when New Directions get their hands on more alcohol than they should have (read: none at all, which is a bit impossible to latch on to since all the actors are in their 20s). Well, it was funny -- does yelling "party!" a lot make a party? -- but then, much like those days when you've had one too many, it all comes crashing down. Hangover.

Maybe that is the point. Maybe, like what Figgins thought of the whole Ke$ha affair -- that it was all smoke and mirrors -- this was meant to make us a bit uncomfortable, and maybe, just maybe, we'll vow not to drink too much, like we actually go out for a drink after watching Glee. Then again, you might've gone out for a drink after that episode. It was a bit heavy-handed (another lesson shoved down our throats) and it didn't hit the spot like other episodes that have tackled similarly loaded topics.

Here's my list of the best and worst moments of "Blame It On The Alcohol."

Best of the Night, Part One: Shannon Beiste


It's nice to see that amidst all the chaos going on in this episode, we still have Coach Beiste, who can strike the balance between having fun and thinking straight. (You know, pretty much like the best Glee episodes ...) We mentioned before that she's a toughie on the outside but a softie on the inside. I'm also loving the fact that she isn't all caught up in the drama as she first seemed. A needed shot of perspective when everything goes crazy -- that definitely happened last night.

Best of the Night, Part Two: Rachel's "My Headband"


It might not raise our hopes on the quality of the original songs that we'll hear in a few weeks, but I thought the whole song was classic Rachel Berry: so much about herself and her mundane details it gets annoying. And only Rachel can sing a song about her headband with such conviction, the same way she was absolutely convinced that she has to get drunk to write well -- although, yes, it probably worked for her idols ...

Best of the Night, Part Three: Figgins thinking it's all acting


Can I just say I love Principal Figgins? Sometimes he's not interested in his work, but other times he gets blown away. But most of the time he's clueless -- and I don't mean to call him a dimwit or anything, but I find the way he's so out of touch with the kids he's supposed to watch over funny.

Worst of the Night, Part One: Brittany's "Tik Tok" being more Auto-Tuned than the original


Remember when I asked over on our Glee Facebook page about how Glee can give their own spin on Ke$ha? Remember when one of you said that it'd sound good anyway? Well, I listened to the song on iTunes after that, and I thought, "Wow, that makes the original tolerable!" I know Heather Morris doesn't have the best voice, but if she managed to go through the Britney Spears back catalog without relying too much on Auto-Tune, well, why here? Why with this song, which doesn't rely that much on Auto-Tune in the first place?

Worst of the Night, Part Two: Pretty much everything else


Last week we pretty much agreed that "Comeback" wasn't one of the best Glee episodes, but at least we had some movement there. "Blame It On The Alcohol" didn't have it: The whole hour was stuck with one premise, and while there were supposedly heartwarming revelations (Will's drunk call to Sue, actually addressed to Emma, for one) it just fell short. I've watched every Glee episode, and I've seen the writers take a crazy idea and run away with it, to varying degrees of success. This one failed terribly: it's as empty as the kiss between Rachel and Blaine. In fact, it tasted like pig. At least it worked to warm me up for Raising Hope. Maybe that's what Glee is all about now.

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