Glee: Sue Sylvester Is Apparently Still Evil (Much More Evil, In Fact)
Glee: Sue Sylvester Is Apparently Still Evil (Much More Evil, In Fact)
We all know Sue Sylvester is, well, evil.  And we all were a bit happy (and a bit creeped out, at least for me) when she fell in love and became all nice.  And then that relationship went for naught, and she started talking about kitty cats and punching Will's face.  Who would've thought?  Evil Sue is back.  More evil Sue, in fact.

Matthew Morrison told that one of Sue's plots in upcoming episodes of Glee is so sinister, it could cost New Directions a win at sectionals.

"Sue's going to give our set list to the other teams," he said.  "They're going to do our songs ... before we do them, so it's going to make us look like we're copying them."

I knew I should've read between the lines when Sue asked for a copy of the set list after last night's episode.

So what will the glee kids do?  The slightly impossible, of course.  "We have to do this impromptu thing and fly by the seat of our pants," Morrison said.

Well, Mr. Shue, remember that the kids sort of did it with "Don't Stop Believin'".  And also, Mr. Shue, you should remember that you can never trust Sue.  You should've seen what she tried to do during the dance-off.

Anyway, Glee returns November 11--and yes, the wait's going to be long, but hey, we have photos from the next episode already!

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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