'Glee' Spoiler Roundup: Super Bowl Songs, Scissor Sisters and a Real Life Santana/Sam Hookup?
'Glee' Spoiler Roundup: Super Bowl Songs, Scissor Sisters and a Real Life Santana/Sam Hookup?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Less than two weeks until Glee returns! Here's what's new on and off-screen:

Listen, and be thrilled: Open up those earballs and listen to previews of the Glee Super Bowl songs: the anticipated MJ/Yeah Yeah Yeahs  "Thriller/Heads Will Roll" mashup, "Need You Now," "Bills, Bills, Bills" (Ed. note: YES!!!), and "She's Not There."

Today in purely speculative casting news: Elton John wants in. So does (UGH) Chace Crawford. John Travolta doesn't.

A fun little story: Once upon a time (at the Golden Globes), Chris Colfer said he wants to get Scissor Sisters' music on Glee. Now a bunch of his fans have a Facebook campaign to try to help him make that happen. Will you join them?

Rumor has it, rivers and streets do meet. At least where Naya Rivera and Chord Overstreet hooking up in Vegas are concerned.

Darren Criss talks the super-duper Super Bowl episode: "It is just one gagillion thousand jiggawatts of pure awesome entertainment and 100 miles an hour. If it doesn't pique your interest I don't know what's going to," he tells E!. "The first 10 minutes are just crazy extravaganza of bells and whistles and explosions and stuff so it's almost going to be a halftime show, except a whole episode. A lot of cool numbers, and it's going to be a lot of fun."

Dianna Agron says that, if nothing else, the Super Bowl "Thriller" hair will entertain you: "I had to go straight from set at about six-thirty in the morning to the airport to fly to New York for some work, and I didn't have time if I was going to make the plane to take down my hair and my make up...If you watch the episode, you see I have this Victorian crazy hair with bows and flowers and things like that and I was running through the airport and I got stopped by security because I had too many bobby pins in my hair! I almost missed my flight!"

Max Adler talks Karofsky's Super Bowl storyline: "I don't know that Dave knows that Blaine and Kurt have a little somethin'-somethin' going on," he said to E!. "But obviously he knows [Kurt's] not at [McKinley High] anymore, and that will be brought up in the Super Bowl episode."

Quoth the tweet: "Brittana is ON." How do we know? Brad Falchuk says so: "Brittana was always on. Episode 15 -- and Gwyneth is the one who gets them together..."

Cute Cory on Kimmel: Watch Glee darling Cory Monteith chat it up with Jimmy about the positive effects of fame. WHO KNEW! (Here's Part 2 and Part 3 which includes a funny story about Prince Harry.)

Learn 10 things you didn't know about Harry Shum Jr. And be reminded of one you already did: He's adorable.

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