'Glee' Relationship Recap: Season 1's Flings, Rings and Stings
'Glee' Relationship Recap: Season 1's Flings, Rings and Stings
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
As Glee season 2 quickly and mercifully approaches, it's time to take a look back and remember where we left off with the Gleeks at McKinley High. For a bunch of "bottom-feeding" nerds, those Glee kids sure know how to get busy, and season 1 was full of enough dating, dumping and declarations of love to make any fan's head spin.

Thankfully, Fox was kind enough to put together this "Glee-Wind" relationship refresher of who hooked up, broke up, made up and made out last season, and it's a tangled web of hot nerd action, indeed.

Watch the recap video, and then sound off in the comments: Who do you think should couple up (or cool off) in Glee season 2?

If you ask me, it's definitely time for Mercedes and Kurt to find their special someones (besides each other, that is), and for Brittany and Santana to give their magical "friends with benefits" relationship a real shot. Maybe Schue should just focus on teaching Spanish and stop seducing every lady teacher he sees.

And one last thought: Certain Glee club members are sadly underrepresented in the hookup chain. Let's get Mike Chang ("other Asian") in on the action! What do you think?

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