'Glee' Recap: Movin' Up, Movin' Out for Billy Joel Week
'Glee' Recap: Movin' Up, Movin' Out for Billy Joel Week
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Is it the longest school year ever, Glee's promo voiceover asks before the start of the episode "Movin' Out." Answer: Yes. Finally the kids at McKinley are thinking ahead and making moves for their future as graduation nears.

Movin' Up

There's a career fair at McKinley, and Sue plans it so that there conveniently aren't any arts careers involved. So Mr. Schue turns to Billy Joel (Unique: Who?) as inspiration for his countless failures and disappointments because he didn't have the look. 

So as the seniors contemplate their futures, Blaine and Sam head off to New York together -- Blaine for NYADA and Sam for another New York college. Meanwhile, Artie already knows he'll eventually be in the Big Apple so he sets his sights on someone who needs a little push toward higher education: Becky.


Becky isn't all that interested in the thought of college thanks to the strong wind of persuasion that is Sue, who wants Becky to be her Beckretary forever. McKinley High forever! Not ...

Artie tries to convince Becky otherwise via song, but she thinks it's a declaration of love to her. Can you really blame her? Artie and Kitty have barely been seen together. Anyway, Artie tells Becky the message is that she has to be honest with herself. She confesses she's afraid because she doesn't want to be made fun of. Artie assures her she will have a strong support system who will always be there for her.

Artie then gets Sue to see the light, that she's the one who's not ready to let Becky go. He gets Sue's blessing to take Becky to the University of Cincinnati -- Artie had chosen this specifically for their program for people with Down syndrome. At the university, Becky meets with her possible future classmates, and they're all welcoming and funny -- and she has nothing to be scared about.

Innocent Man

Since the show didn't already beat this storyline previously, the Jake-Marley-Ryder love triangle has returned. It's different now, of course, since Jake cheated on Marley, proving that the Puckerman boys just can't be changed no matter how much they want to.

So Ryder seizes the opportunity and swoops in on Marley, asking her but she says she wants to be single (YES! we can't help but yell at the television. You just broke up like two hours ago!) Ryder doesn't take no for an answer, serenading her during glee club. He's earnest, he's dorky adorable and even shows off his bad dance moves but he gets a A for effort. Earlier, Jake's performance had been the complete opposite: trying to be all smooth and charismatic and showing off his great moves.

When Ryder asks Marley out again, this time in front of everyone, she says yes, and Jake walks out. After their one date, Jake asks the two of them if they really are together, and Jake says they are. Marley, however, clears the air that she still wants to take things slow.

All together now: Yawn.

Just the Way You Are

In New York, Blaine is having second thoughts of NYADA. He's considering pursuing his 10-minute life dreams of pursuing teaching or medicine. Kurt helps him see the light, that he's scared. Wow, Blaine was scared for like 10 seconds.

Meanwhile, Rachel is being super supportive of Sam. Are we sensing some spark and/or tension between them? After Sam absolutely blows his interview with the college by being completely inappropriate, she gets him to realize his dream: to be a male model. And where else to do that than in New York?

Then Rachel sets up a photo shoot with a professional photographer, the Funny Girl photographer no less (because I'm sure she loves to take photographs of model wannabes) so Sam can have some shots -- shirtless ones. 

After a cameo by Tyra Banks, who just tells Sam that he needs to lose 10 pounds, Rachel and the gang reassure Sam they love him just the way he is. Sam and Rachel look at each other that way while dancing, and does Santana see something between them too?

I'm very interested to see where this storyline goes, if it goes anywhere at all.

Don't forget that Glee is back for Thanksgiving at 9pm on FOX with the return of Adam Lambert (finally, it's been too long).

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