'Glee' Recap: Is the Glee Club Really Over?
'Glee' Recap: Is the Glee Club Really Over?
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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Perhaps the Glee creators took the hint and will just keep the rest of the series in New York because the McKinley High glee club is officially over. The old and new New Directions spend the week leading up to graduation singing, of course, while Holly Holliday and April Rhodes make another lame attempt to save it. Meanwhile, Rachel and Santana make up for now, while a few familiar faces head off to New York to join them.

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Let's Make All the Clubs Involve Music

Holly's brilliant idea to "save" the glee club comes in the form of trying to integrate song and dance into other clubs in the school. She dresses up during one club meeting and then strips down to spandex and belts out "Party All the Time" by Eddie Murphy. I'm all for foam parties to '80s tunes, but her idea fails miserably as, after a few more attempts, Sue gets a lot of complaint letters about the shenanigans. Mr. Schue has nothing else to do but accept that the glee club is over.

Meanwhile, Tina is freaking out because she hasn't been accepted to any colleges yet. She makes a last-ditch attempt to apply to a Jewish university in New York so she can be with her friends. This, after she finds out Blaine will be headed to NYADA with Kurt and Rachel. After Sam accidentally knocks her out, she has a dream sequence of everyone in New York a la Friends -- except it's called C.H.U.M.S.

When she doesn't get into the Jewish university, she fears she'll be stuck in Lima forever. But Blaine, Sam and Artie assure her that she'll be fine if she just goes to New York with "no plan." They all sing the Glee original "Loser Like Me" to cheer her up.

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Let's Kiss and Make Up

The theme of the episode seems to be 'Let's all kiss and make up,' as not only do Brittany and Santana decide to give it another go, but Quinn and Puck do as well. Not to mention that Rachel and Santana decide to bury the hatchet, which I know will be dug up at some point -- this was the only interesting storyline!

Before Rachel and Santana make nice, Kurt and Mercedes try to do some convincing of their own to make everyone love each other again. They sing "I'm Changing" from Dreamgirls to show that everyone should just get along.

Rachel tries to play nice and offers Santana 10 shows -- three months after opening night, of course -- but Santana declines and says she wants them all. However, after a pep talk from Brittany, as well as a ton of lilies and tickets to Lesbos Island, Santana realizes that she doesn't really want to be on Broadway, she just likes beating Rachel. She has a change of heart and tells Rachel she's quitting as her understudy. To prove they are friends again, they sing "Be Okay" by Oh Honey.

In an announcement that you would think they were getting married, Quinn tells everyone she has agreed to go out with Puck as boyfriend and girlfriend to make it work. They sing "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink (pretty poorly, actually) to show their love will need some work, but they will make it.

It's after that song that Mr. Schue announces it's the end of glee club.

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Graduation and the Next Chapter

Holly works with the group to put together a nice tribute video to Mr. Schue to show his unborn child at some point. I'm a little confused as to why Mr. Schue has to leave the school, though, I mean he's still a Spanish and/or history teacher. But I digress. Perhaps if he can't teach his passion of singing, he can't teach? Anyway, after the video plays, the entire glee club, both old and new -- forgot about the newbies, huh? -- sing "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. A classic hit that they always seem to nail.

As the new members clean out the glee club, the seniors head off to graduation, with a surprise diploma for Brittany, who never got one. After they all graduate, Tina informs the group she can't go to New York with them because she got into Brown.

And because Sue does have a soft spot for Mr. Schue -- or rather, she loves all the banter and headaches he caused her over the years -- she informs him she got him an interview for music director at Carmel High, the home to Vocal Adrenaline. She feels he'll do better at a school with a bigger budget. He's unsure of his next move and takes his final bow in the choir room after she leaves him to ponder his interview.

So there's no more glee club on a show called Glee? Interesting concept, but honestly, most who are still sticking around until the end really just enjoy the songs anyway. So it makes complete sense that the show moves to New York (the better storyline anyway), and just focuses on the singing and dancing around a weak plot.

While it was nice to have the old characters back for these past two episodes, I found myself rolling my eyes at the cheesiness of Quinn and Puck. But I guess she's finally growing up and seeing what was probably right for her all along. Or rather, she's making a big mistake because there's plenty of fish in the sea for an attractive girl like her to date in her 20s. I did enjoy that Brittany -- always viewed as the dumb one -- had the best advice to give to Santana.

It should be noted that there was a seventh song slated for this episode ("Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Taylor), which apparently didn't make it in. Perhaps the little Tina dream sequence took its place. As annoying as that was, it was pretty accurate and funny.

So, now I'm curious, are they just going to focus on New York? What will happen to the "new" members of New Directions? Will Mr. Schue really go to Vocal Adrenaline? Again, do we care?

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