'Glee' Recap: Breaking Up Is Painful
'Glee' Recap: Breaking Up Is Painful
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Well, that was painful. Glee offered up a big, sad, emotional episode this week as nearly every major couple broke up, or at least hit some rocky terrain. By my count there are two official break-ups, one break-up that's not technically a break-up, one inevitable break-up and one too early to tell.

The episode was filled with some of the most beautiful musical performances the show has ever done, but also some truly maddening plot twists. There's a cheating scandal that feels wrong on every level and is sure to upset many fans. I guess Ryan Murphy learned nothing from Owen and Cristina on Grey's Anatomy last season.


Finn is back and he and Rachel spend their first night just sleeping, but apparently not talking about the 3 percent body fat elephant in the room. We quickly learn that Finn only lasted 16 days in the Army before accidentally shooting himself in the thigh and getting semi-honorably discharged. He spent the rest of this time backpacking through Georgia, too ashamed to talk to anyone.

He's still completely lost and aimless in his life, and a trip to NYADA to see Rachel do her thing doesn't help. The only thing Finn knows is that he doesn't belong in New York. He even forces Rachel to sing karaoke with Brody, possibly to see their chemistry, which is electric.

The two finally get into the Brody fight and the next morning Finn sneaks out of the apartment before Rachel even wakes up to go back to Ohio. I call B.S. on that. Finn isn't that much of a d-bag and this feels like blatant manipulation by Ryan Murphy to make Rachel look like the victim. Murphy's devotion to Rachel is so strong that he can't stand to make her look like the bad guy in this break-up, so he has Finn do something out of character to make him the villain. This isn't the only example of this, but I'll have a LOT more on that later.

Anyway, Finn returns to Ohio to cry on Mr. Schuester's shoulder and suggest that McKinley should do Grease for the fall musical, nicely setting it up for Finn to be the director.

In the auditorium Rachel tracks down Finn, having flown to Ohio because he refused to answer his phone. This is where they first met, fell in love and where he proposed. And now it's where they break up. Yes, Rachel admits she loves Finn more than anything and wants to be with him forever, but she can't deal with all of his "What's my purpose?" drama right now, so she breaks it off.

But after she does, she tells him how amazing he is and kisses him. We get it, Ryan Murphy, Rachel is a saint. A saint who will probably be boning Brody by Christmas.


Kurt is still ignoring Blaine on the phone to focus on his new job, making Blaine angry. After a song where we see Blaine is getting flirty messages from a mystery sexter named Eli C., Blaine flies to New York to surprise Kurt. He gives an intense performance of "Teenage Dream" that leaves him in tears, causing Kurt to ask why he's so emotional. That's when we learn Blaine cheated on Kurt.

And I say "NO!" This is even worse than the Finn stuff, because it is completely unbelievable and out of character. Blaine has been the perfect boyfriend from day one, and this bombshell totally assassinates his character (if you want proof, just check out fan reaction to Owen Hunt last season on Grey's Anatomy when they did this exact same stunt). Ryan Murphy just took a giant dump on Blaine, and all for the sole purpose of making Kurt come out smelling like roses, even though he's been the one to blame for the past two episodes.

Sure, Blaine has been feeling lonely, but he's only been apart from Kurt for a month or a month and a half at the most, and Blaine is the one who told Kurt to leave. Also, even though Blaine flirted with Sebastian in the past, he never acted on it, instead professing his true love for Kurt. I just don't buy that he could've cheated on Kurt so quickly and so easily.

I'm disgusted not by Blaine's actions, but by Murphy for such a terrible plot twist designed solely to make sure his beloved Kurt doesn't seem like the bad guy in this break-up. The way this episode blatantly and offensively makes Rachel and Kurt look like the heroic victims to the detriment of Finn and Blaine is just ridiculous.

Anyway, there's lots of crying about how sorry Blaine is, but he goes home the next day without really resolving anything. Blaine later sends Kurt an "I'm Sorry" bouquet, but Kurt drops the card in the trash. Does that count as a break-up? Whatever it is, it certainly means Blaine will never be looked at the same way by the viewers again. I'm curious to see how Glee can possibly try to redeem Blaine for this transgression.


Santana comes back to town to do laundry and make fun of the absurd plot development that Kurt landed a big job based on a few photos of himself. She's shocked to learn Brittany is reading the Left Behind book series about the Rapture as part of Kitty's God Squad book club. This whole Rapture storyline feels out of place in the episode, like Ryan Murphy desperately needed at least one "comedy" plot and chose this based solely on the book title relating to Brittany's feelings.

As you can imagine, Brittany is feeling "left behind" by Santana. This is annoyingly stupid because Brittany was only left behind because she's so stupid that she didn't graduate. Did she want Santana not to go to college? Santana is in no way to blame and she seems to be doing the best she can, even choosing a crappy college over New York because it's closer to Brittany.

In the choir room Santana gives a heartfelt performance about how Brittany is the only good thing in her life. But then Santana admits that long-distance relationships never work out and that someone eventually cheats and she doesn't want to wait for that to happen (even though they both vow they would NEVER cheat on each other, which feels like a cheap shot against Blaine). So Santana sort of, kind of prematurely breaks up with Brittany, although she says it's not a break-up. It doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to me, but it frees up the inevitable Brittany/Sam relationship, so I'll allow it.


So Will gets the job on the blue ribbon panel because apparently the government on this show works very quickly. He basically demands that Emma leave school and come with her, but she's not his lapdog and doesn't think she should follow him around like a '50s housewife. She's right, he's wrong, and since their brief "fight" ends with her storming off and we never see them again, I have no idea what the status of their relationship is. I assume Will is gonna come to his senses and apologize for being a misogynistic a-hole.


I guess that would be Jake and Kitty's nickname (or Kake), but to be honest, it doesn't matter. Head Bitch Kitty has everyone fired up about the Rapture and Marley is left wondering why a secretly sweet dude like Jake is even with her. It turns out it's just because he's poor and mixed race, so if he's dating the popular girl, no one will make fun of him. But by the end of the episode, he breaks up with Kitty anyway. Good, that relationship never made sense, now it's time for Jake and Marley to be Danny and Sandy.

Next week on Glee: There is no Glee. Not until November 8, thanks to baseball. But when it comes back, Glee Project season 2 winner Blake Jenner shows up to hit on Marley! And Mike and Mercedes are back!

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