Glee: Previewing Fall Finale "Sectionals"
Glee: Previewing Fall Finale "Sectionals"
Glee's biggest story at this point, at least supposedly, should be sectionals--how a badly-derided glee club gets to the top. Then again, it would be a boring story even if we get to see Sue for most of every episode, if not all of it. Where would we be if not for the pregnancies, both actual and hysterical? Were would we be if not for failed pick-up lines and actual make-out scenes? Tummy paddings? Gloves? Proposals? Used cars?

Still, it's nice that tonight, on Glee's fall finale, we finally see New Directions fight their very first big fight: sectionals. We already know who the competition is (which means, yes, Eve will be back as a guest tonight) and we already know what the battle plan is to win it all... but, of course, there's bound to be complications in the end.

Say, Sue is still out to break the glee club. I guess that one free page at the Thunderclap made her a "fattie" or an "ugly" herself. I kid.

But the major hurdle this time around is Quinn's secret. So Puck finally told Mercedes that he's the actual father of the baby. And, for some reason, Mercedes tells everyone--well, almost everyone, because Rachel has yet to know, and by consequence, Finn has yet to know. The recovery from the first blow is one thing: another knockout is much harder. Can they cope?

Maybe they should ask Will, who just came out of the best moment in his life last week--well, we're talking about ourselves, so sorry, Will, because we know it's sad to find out your wife is a-cheatin' with her pregnancy. Or, maybe the glee kids should help Will cope himself too, because he might make one decision that will change his life forever. Context clue: Emma and Ken are getting married. I smell a cliffhanger.

Tonight's Glee is the last one before the four-month break, so let's make the most of it, shall we? It's on from 9pm on Fox. You know where the photos are. And I suggest, prepare napkins for our shallow, shallow tears.

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