Glee: Previewing Episode 12 "Mattress"
Glee: Previewing Episode 12 "Mattress"
No, really, two more episodes to go! Now, before you go out and start panicking, remember that we're just approaching the fall finale next Wednesday, or what we gleeks call sectionals. There are still nine more episodes from mid-April, and we have to wait that long because they haven't shot any of those episodes yet. I think we gave Glee too much of our love to the point that we're pressuring these kids. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

So, tonight's Glee involves a yearbook, a lot of beds, and perhaps the beginning of the end for Will and Terri. I guess we can only hope that happens, but the official press release promises that the marriage will be "shaken to its core". That's where the drama this week will lie--that, and possibly Emma's engagement drama.

But the big story this week involves Rachel's quest for celebrity. Glee club's been on the McKinley High yearbook, of course, but every single year someone draws moustaches on the faces, or scratches them off entirely. (That sounds painful.) But Rachel wants to be immortalized as a star--well, what else do you expect from someone who gives a blogger her underwear to preserve her starry reputation? Things don't have to be very drastic, though, since she'll just have to convince the rest of New Directions to get their faces on the yearbook...

...until Principal Figgins cuts the budget and kicks the club off the yearbook. Well, there's compensation with their appearance in a local mattress store ad, where they'll sing Van Halen's "Jump" and inadvertently shun Artie to his wheelchair. Well, he can jump, yes, but not over a bed. That's scary. And maybe a few moments, powered by bad lip-synching to a censored version of Lily Allen's "Smile"? Glee returns tonight from 9pm on Fox. The photos are, as always, jumping right below.

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