'Glee' Preview: Why Dreams Will Really Come True Tonight
'Glee' Preview: Why Dreams Will Really Come True Tonight
Admit it: you've all been waiting for the Glee episode where Barney Stinson flies to Ohio and makes Will Schuester's life a living hell.

Okay, that isn't fact. One, it's not Barney Stinson. It's Neil Patrick Harris, also known as that womanizer from How I Met Your Mother. He doesn't play that womanizer on tonight's Glee: he plays Bryan Ryan, Will's former high school nemesis and the new member of the school board, who uses his position to exact revenge on Mr. Schuester because of his own failed dreams.

You must've heard of the premise already: Bryan thought he was meant for big things, but ended up crashing so bad that he's now trying to put a damper on the dreams of Will's Glee Club kids. But things will take a turn when Will decides to help Bryan make his dreams of fame come true... although that's not really going to work well, don't you think?

Tonight's episode will focus on just that: dreams and the way they're fulfilled. And it's not just the characters that get to experience that. We gleeks can, too!

Joss Whedon directs this episode.
Gleeks who have seen that classic Buffy episode "Once More With Feeling" will not be disappointed. Sure, Joss doesn't write any of the songs on tonight's episode, but he makes up for it with his approach. The episode feels different from the usual Glee episode, and it works: the comedy that NPH will bring is balanced out by the hour's more emotional moments. Yes, there are emotional moments, but they won't drag like last week's.

More Artie and Tina! I'm glad we're seeing more of what is perhaps the only Glee power couple that isn't dysfunctional. I mean, compared to the Rachel-Finn-Jesse triangle, and the Puck-whoever polygon, these two have had smooth sailing for most of the time. The spotlight is on Artie tonight, as he dreams of being able to walk again... and he will get that dream. Somehow.

Will we finally learn what Jesse is here for? Remember the promos last week? There's Jesse helping Rachel out with her search for her biological mother. There's him asking her to listen to a tape, purportedly from the mom (and Rachel anxious as to what she'll hear). I already mentioned that Shelby is the one singing on tape, which provides for what some gleeks think is a really twisted plot where Jesse convinces Rachel that Shelby is her actual mom in an effort to take New Directions down... or is it? That's too easy a theory to make, don't you think?

Dreams will really come true on tonight's Glee, which airs at 9pm (unless American Idol bleeds out again) on FOX.

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