'Glee' Poll: Who Will Break Up in 'The Break-Up'?
'Glee' Poll: Who Will Break Up in 'The Break-Up'?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Glee is about to get very, very serious in what co-creator Ryan Murphy has called "the best episode we have ever done." It's called "The Break-Up," and given the set-up, the title could refer to any or all of the show's four major couples.

So whose relationship is doomed? Glee fans will need to wait until Thursday to know for sure (and then wait a lot longer to pick up the pieces as the show will then go on a one month hiatus for baseball).

Let's look at the current state of the four major couples and lay odds on whether they'll survive the episode.

Rachel and Finn
Chances of Breaking Up: 99 percent

Ten seconds before Finn arrived at Rachel's doorstep, she had her tongue in some other dude's mouth. Sure, Finn technically let her go at the end of season 3 and has been totally incommunicado ever since, but I'm not sure that will have much value as a defense. Rachel is not going to be able to explain away the insanely hot dude in her apartment. My money is on Rachel staying heartbroken in New York while Finn returns to Ohio to find himself.

Kurt and Blaine
Chances of Breaking Up: 75 percent

Ignoring your boyfriend's phone calls is the first sign on the way to breaking up. Based on the preview, Blaine makes his way to New York to see Kurt, and based on the intense crying the two seem to be doing, I'm guessing it's because Blaine has the common courtesy to break up in person. The only thing that might save the relationship is if Kurt makes some serious concessions, but I don't think he will. He's loving his fancy new life way too much.

Brittany and Santana
Chances of Breaking Up: 50 percent

These two seem to have a more stable relationship than most, but Brittany is definitely feeling lonely. Her campaign idea to have school every day, all year-round, was an obvious cry for help as she's so alone that she just wants to be surrounded by friends all the time. There's also the matter of Sam, who I believe is being set up as the perfect new love interest for Brittany. The only real saving grace for this romance is Brittany's simple-mindedness, because it could be rather easy for Santana to make one gesture and convince her to stay together.

Will and Emma
Chances of Breaking Up: 33.3 percent

I realize applying logic to Glee is a bit like using a knife and fork to eat pizza, but I have to believe the one adult romance is strong enough to handle a bump in the road. The preview revealed that Will lands the spot on the blue ribbon panel and has to leave McKinley for several months. Will the wedding be postponed? Will Emma go with him? I hope these two responsible adults work out a solid compromise, but then again, this is Glee.

Also, the biggest threat to Wemma may be the opening credits. This year Jayma Mays has been demoted from series regular to guest star. Why do that if Will and Emma are going to stay together, especially since actors like Amber Riley and Harry Shum, Jr., who haven't even shown up yet, are still listed as series regulars?

My Predictions

Having seen several episodes of American Horror Story, I know that Ryan Murphy can be sick and twisted, so I'm going to be bold and predict that ALL FOUR COUPLES will break up. Yup, I predict a relationship massacre as Finchel, Klaine, Brittana and Wemma are all torn asunder.

I'm also going to be insane by predicting that Will takes the blue ribbon panel gig and leaves McKinley, causing Emma to have a breakdown, forcing her to leave as well. With two openings, Finn, desperate for a purpose, returns to McKinley as Beiste's assistant football coach and takes over as director of New Directions. Meanwhile, I've always felt like Mercedes was particularly good at giving advice, so bringing her back as a temporary guidance counselor would be ridiculous, but a hilarious way to bring her back.

What couple (or couples) do you think are doomed? Will you quit watching if Ryan Murphy breaks up your favorite pair? Find out when Glee airs Thursday at 9pm on FOX.

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