'Glee' Poll: Should Quinn Die?
'Glee' Poll: Should Quinn Die?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Glee's big winter finale had a double dose of devastating tragedy. First there was Karofsky's failed suicide attempt, and that was followed by Quinn's horrific car crash, a result of Rachel's incessant text messages and Quinn's refusal to ignore them.

The cliffhanger left fans wondering about Quinn's fate, and with no new episodes until April 10, that's a lot of time left in the dark.

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There are certainly arguments on both sides of the debate. Should Glee kill off Dianna Agron's Quinn or keep her alive?

The Case for Killing Quinn

The primary reason to kill her is that the character has run her course. After a painfully terrible "I want my baby back" storyline at the start of season 3, Quinn has gotten her act together. She's going to Yale, she's back on the Cheerios and she made peace with Rachel. Basically, "On My Way" wrapped up Quinn's entire life in a neat little bow, and there's very little to be done now.

The Case for Keeping Quinn

This is still a comedy, right? I've been trying to remember the last time a major network "comedy" killed off one of its series regulars, and I don't county instances where there are contract disputes (Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men) or where the actor dies (Phil Hartman on NewsRadio). I couldn't think of any. Glee is groundbreaking in many ways, but for a comedy to kill off a major character whose been with the show since the pilot would be a very dark turn.

Also, killing Quinn would, in my opinion, cast a dark cloud over the rest of the season. Who would care about Nationals or stupid love triangles or teenage weddings in the shadow of a fellow student's death? It would essentially make the entire season like this episode, where Karofsky's suicide attempt sucked all of the unrealistic silliness and comedy out of the air.

The Verdict: Keep Quinn

Since "It was all a dream" is an unlikely storyline, I'm hoping Glee pulls a How I Met Your Mother hospital fake-out. In that show's season 3 finale, "Miracles," Ted was in a cab that got hit by a car. All of his friends got phone calls and immediately rushed to the hospital in a sad, haunting montage. But then when they arrived he was perfectly fine, eating ice cream and cracking jokes.

Since I see Glee as a fun musical comedy, this is just about the only way the writers can dig themselves out of the dark and tragic hole they've dug for themselves. Glee has already suffered enough tragedy (gay bullying, Burt's heart attack, Sam's family losing their home, etc) and they don't need to pile on the death of a teenage girl.

So while I don't think there's much left for Quinn to do on the show, I hope Glee keeps her alive and lets her continue to supply background oohs and aahs until May when she graduates, moves to New Haven and is never heard from again.

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