'Glee' Photos: Blaine and Ryder Go Shirtless for Men of McKinley Calendar
'Glee' Photos: Blaine and Ryder Go Shirtless for Men of McKinley Calendar
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Ryan Murphy tweeted an early Christmas present for Glee fans on Friday: a sexy new photo of star Darren Criss. Promising a forthcoming "Men of McKinley" calendar, the photo in question featured Criss' Blaine Anderson as Mr. December, dressed like a sexy Santa holding his giant candy cane (not a euphemism).

Is the Men of McKinley calendar going to be a real thing or part of an upcoming episode or both? It's not yet clear, although back in season 2's Rocky Horror episode, Sam did have a throwaway line about being asked to be Mr. June in the Men of McKinley High calendar, so apparently this thing is real in the show's universe.

Previously, Murphy tweeted a photo of new star Blake Jenner (who plays Ryder Lynn) as Mr. July in an American flag hat and shorts with fireworks exploding behind him.

blaine-menmckinley.jpgIt's important to note that there's a thin line here of acceptability. On the one hand, a beefcake calendar of high school boys is pretty sketchy, especially since Ryder, a sophomore, is presumably only 16. On the other hand, none of the actors are actually teenagers. Newcomers Blake Jenner and Jacob Artist are the youngest male members of the Glee cast, and they're both 20.

Also, to be fair to Glee, Saved by the Bell did it first with the Girls of Bayside calendar Zack made and sold. I'm pretty sure all great TV high school ideas can be traced back to Saved by the Bell.

With July and December covered, the question remains about who will take over the other months and how will they will up the entire calendar? Perhaps they'll get some alumni to pose as well.

In that case, here are my suggestions for the remaining 10 months of photo shoots and models. None of this is real, it's just pure speculation.

Mr. January, Mike Chang: Posing in a pair of 2013 glasses and a sash, ring in the New Year and sing "Auld Chang Syne."

Mr. February, Jake Puckerman
: Who better to represent Black History Month than Puck's half-black brother? For a Civil Rights-themed photo shoot, perhaps he could pose in the back of a school bus.

Mr. March, Rory Flanagan: They just brought him back for the Christmas episode, so who better to pose as a sexy leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day than everyone's favorite foreign exchange student?

Mr. April, Joe Hart: It's the month of Easter, which makes Jesus-loving Joe the perfect model. He could either be a sexy bunny or, if they want to get a little controversial, recreate a scene from the Passion Play.

Mr. May, Finn Hudson: May is all about the end of the school year, so Finn could show off what's underneath the cap and gown in a graduation-themed photo shoot.

Mr. June, Kurt Hummel: June is Gay Pride month, which means Kurt should wave some rainbow flags for hotness.

Mr. August, Sam Evans: August is the hottest month, so naturally Sam should pose in a beach scene. If they want to be risque and a little cheeky, he could recreate the Coppertone ads with a dog (or, preferably, Lord Tubbington), pulling down his bathing suit.

Mr. September, Artie Abrams: It's back-to-school time, so studious Artie could pose piled up with books and supplies.

Mr. October, Wade "Unique" Adams: Halloween is a time for dress-up, which is the perfect way to use Unique's fabulousness.

Mr. November, Noah Puckerman: Throw a feathered headdress on him and Puck could play a sexy Indian at the first Thanksgiving.

What do you think of the Men of McKinley calendar? Is it Glee's greatest idea yet or is it just kinda creepy?

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