'Glee' Open Question #4: Which of the Backing Four Should Get More Screen Time?
'Glee' Open Question #4: Which of the Backing Four Should Get More Screen Time?
We're just a month and four days away from Glee's return, fellow gleeks! Well, if you just can't wait, "Sectionals" will be aired again after American Idol tonight. But while seeing Sue get suspended and Will kiss Emma gives us this eerie satisfaction, it's still not a new episode, so I'm still here, checking up on you, asking more questions and inviting you to discuss things of significant importance... at least to McKinley High.

I'm surprised by the amount of reaction from you, the loyal gleekdom, over who Rachel should hook up with. Okay, it's Finn, it's a given. But the other thing I realized: all this attention on who hooks up with who has left at least four members of New Directions a bit in the cold. I therefore christen them as the Backing Four: Brittany (I'm sure Sue didn't call her "Dutch!"), Santana ("Santana!"), Mike ("other Asian!") and Matt ("Shaft!").

They've had their shining moments, sure--some, more than others. But if there is justice in the world, they'd be more than dancers recruited to give the club a boost. Can the writers please write an episode that centers on these four? Okay, maybe not all those four. Maybe just one of them. At least just one of them. Here goes the question: which member of the Backing Four should get more screen time?

Brittany: Among the four, she's had the most things to do. (There is a reason why her appearances made it to my top 25 moments.) Sure, her eternal cluelessness isn't exactly enough for a whole episode, but there's a part of me that likes to see what she does outside glee club and Cheerios rehearsals. And no, I'm not just referring to that implied relationship between her and Santana--although, since the writers are giving Kurt a boyfriend in the second season, they might as well explore that a little bit, too.

Santana: One question: would Santana try to win Puck back? After all, he doesn't want Rachel and Quinn doesn't want him. Then again, it seems she's in it only for the sex rather than the relationship. Still, with the number of hook-ups happening on the show, I won't be surprised if Santana tries to make a move on someone else. I can imagine Santana frowning at Rachel's budding relationship with Vocal Adrenaline's Jesse. Or, can you imagine a Santana-Finn hook-up?

Mike: Unfortunately for both guys of the Backing Four, there's not much I can think of story-wise. It seems the only things "other Asian" does apart from glee club is football and dancing. And with Finn leaving the football team when the show returns on April 13, we'll probably see even less of him. But I'd like to see take the front seat again. Maybe teach the glee kids some more advanced dance moves. Hairography won't get you far, after all. Or maybe an Asian-other Asian hook-up? I know, Artie and Tina still look good...

Matt: I take back what I said in the earlier paragraph, about me struggling for story ideas for Mike and Matt. I imagine these two guys helping Finn out in something. Girl advice? I imagine these two pulling off some prank on a more annoyed Ken. Would that work? Man, this is really a struggle.

Well, those are all the ideas I've got. Surely you've got ideas too, so come on and share! Like before, I've posted a discussion below (yes, click on that link) where we can all talk about ways these four could get more screen time on an episode. Or we can all agree that Brittany is the coolest Cheerio ever.

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