'Glee' Open Question #1: What Should Quinn Name Her Baby?
'Glee' Open Question #1: What Should Quinn Name Her Baby?
Hello, gleeks. We haven't chatted in a while, more or less. How have you been? Doing fine with the four-month break? It just dawned on me that we're halfway through the break--just a couple of months before Glee returns on April 13, during which I will feel certainly spoiled for choice on a Tuesday night. But I digress.

Anyway, I decided to pop in just to check up, and maybe ask a few questions about what you want to see on the next nine episodes of the show. I'll be doing this once in a while (read: when I think of something) and we'll be talking like there's no tomorrow... well, at least until Glee's return is already tomorrow.

Today, I decided to watch a couple of Glee episodes again on DVD, and I saw the scene when Finn tells Quinn about his choice of a baby name: Drizzle. "You know how awesome it is when it's just drizzling outside, but it's not really rain, so it smells like rain but you don't need an umbrella to go outside?" he argued, because she shot him down by calling him a moron.

Okay, so Drizzle isn't really a good name for a baby girl--for a pet, maybe? So I thought I'll ask you all this: what should Quinn name her baby? Now that her secret--that Puck is the dad--has been revealed and Finn doesn't want anything to do with her, the task of choosing a name is going to be particularly arduous and bittersweet. I mean, it's pretty certain Quinn still has strong feelings for Finn. It's really going to hurt.

Personally, I want to see Quinn give her baby girl a neutral name. Not anything inspired by the ex-boyfriend, or the baby daddy, or anyone else. Maybe call her Apple--besides, wasn't Finn's Drizzle suggestion inspired by the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their baby girl Apple? Or have I got that mixed up?

Oh, right, that wasn't neutral. Go for something like Lauren, then.

What about you? What should Quinn name her baby? Let's get the ball rolling, gleeks: click here for your suggestions. We'll cope.

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