'Glee': Carol Burnett to Play Sue Sylvester's Nazi-Hunting Mom
'Glee': Carol Burnett to Play Sue Sylvester's Nazi-Hunting Mom
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Comedy legend Carol Burnett has been tapped by the folks over at Glee to play Sue Sylvester's mother, a famous Nazi hunter according to Sue's story last season, EW reports.

But E! Online warns us not to celebrate too soon: Their Glee sources say "there is no deal in place yet."

If the deal goes through, can you say brilliant? There's a short list of ladies funny and ballsy enough to go toe to toe with Jane Lynch--and Burnett's on it.

Says Ausiello, who got the scoop this morning: "Details of Mama Sylvester's arrival are being kept under wraps, but I'm told Sue's father will not be accompanying her."

If she's coming to Ohio to hunt Nazis ... well, that would certainly take the show in a new direction. (New directions. GET IT?)

Burnett's episode of Glee is slated to air in either October or November.

The last time we saw six-time Emmy winner Burnett on TV was in a single episode of Law & Order: SVU in 2009, in which she played a former Rockette strip-club owner. The appearance earned her an Emmy nomination.

Burnett joins a lengthening list of confirmed guest stars and new cast members for Glee season 2, including 30 Rock's Cheyenne Jackson, Susan Boyle and Uncle Jesse, er, John Stamos, among others.

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