FOX President Kevin Reilly Talks 'Glee' Controversy, the Future of 'House,' 'The X-Factor' and More at TCA
Lisa Palmer
Lisa Palmer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Just as FOX President Kevin Reilly was sitting down at the Television Critics Association (TCA), the first thing he said was, "This isn't going to a very news-y session," meaning we aren't going to learn much of anything new, but that doesn't mean the old stuff isn't worthy of reporting.  Fans of Glee, Bones, House, and Fringe all got a little love. 

The first question right off the bat was about the Ryan Murphy controversy.  If you're unfamiliar, let me briefly sum up: First Murphy told a reporter that Glee's Lea Michele (Rachel), Chris Colfer (Kurt), and Cory Monteith (Finn) would be graduating and leaving the show.  A twitter explosion ensued with the three actors claiming to have found out they were fired indirectly.  Then Murphy comes clean with a reporter saying he had discussed a spin-off with the three actors and now they're going to wait to talk about it until the end of the season because it's just too much right now.  Clear as mud?  Good.  Now you understand how all the reporters feel.

Reilly immediately defended Murphy and spoke about how the whole thing had been blown out of proportion, no one had been fired, and that everyone gets along well.  He did manage to have a well-timed slip and discussed how even-keeled Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan are.  Then he immediately said, "Ryan is who he is and that's why I love him."  Read into that what you will. 

As for Bones fans, relax.  Reilly had nothing but good things to say.  Nothing is confirmed as far as going for a season 8, but he knows he'd love to see it.  Same for the producers of the show.  And as for Fringe, Reilly wants to maintain his viewership from last year and is thrilled to a good show that deserves network support, receive it. 

When I asked Reilly to confirm House being in its last season, Reilly couldn't.  He said that he and the series producers (Laurie, Shore, etc.) want the show to end strongly, but that's something they'll discuss this fall.  Not sure how many of you read my review of last year's finale, but I'm pretty sure the time has come and gone for House to end on a strong note, especially with Lisa Edelstein gone and moving on to the highly successful The Good Wife.  But that's just me.  Maybe there is still room for growth and change in the series.  Maybe...

Now for a few random pieces of news.  For one, Reilly plans on being very aggressive this year with his programming, whatever that means.  In a discussion on how baseball will affect the shows, he said that "Baseball has gotten to be pretty manageable."  Hopefully this means that we won't have a month off of our shows come October.  Reilly claims that the network will be successful in all genres and that they are really a force this year in comedy.  I've seen Zooey Deschanel's comedy New Girl, and I really liked it, if that's any indication.  Can't say the same for I Hate My Teenage Daughter.  As for House's new lead in, the sci-fi series Terra Nova, Reilly's favorite part is the cast.  Go figure. 

When asked to comment on the bizarre X-Factor panel right before Reilly went on stage, Reilly said, "I loved it!"  And he was serious. He also said if X-Factor performed half as well as expected, he'd be happy.  But let me rewind. 

20 minutes prior to Reilly taking questions, Simon Cowell was on via satellite and Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, L.A. Reid, Steve Jones, and executive producers were on stage to promote the new allegedly "different than American Idol" talent competition. Scherzinger seemed subdued, to say the least, sitting straight up and answering questions in an either Zen-like or just-woke-up-from-a-nap type way.  Paula Abdul was Paula Abdul.  And Cowell was attempting to insult them all via delayed satellite from some undisclosed location by water.  It was weird, to say the least.  So when Alan Sepinwall, of commented on that, and asked Reilly what he thought, we all wanted to hear some kind of reaction.  And...nothing.  So Fox. 

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