Big 'Glee' News: Jonathan Groff is Back, And He's Set His Sights On...
Big 'Glee' News: Jonathan Groff is Back, And He's Set His Sights On...
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

I haven't been able to honestly exclaim that for months, you guys. But this news from Michael Ausiello at TVLine has me squealing with Gleeky enthusiasm once again: Jonathan Groff, who played Rachel's super hot, questionably evil, Vocal Adrenaline powerhouse boyfriend Jesse St. James is coming back to Glee this season:

"Sources confirm to me exclusively that the fan favorite has closed a deal to return for this season's final three episodes."

Ready for the reason why? Stop reading if you're anti-spoilers:

"He's back to apologize to Rachel," confides a source close to the show, "and perhaps get her back."



I guess I mean that in two senses: "No way" as in "OMG yay!" and "no way" as in "There's no way that's all Jesse is after. There's got to be more to this story." Especially when you consider the timing of his return, right when Rachel and New Directions will take on Jesse's team, Vocal Adrenaline, at Nationals... Very suspicious.

But whatever his motive, I am so excited that Groff's gorgeous face and voice will be back on Glee. How do you feel about this big news?

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