As Heard on 'Glee': I've Got Chills Singing About Home
As Heard on 'Glee': I've Got Chills Singing About Home
In the tradition of Glee episodes past, most of this week's songs have everything to do with home. So much for wishing that they stop drilling the episode's theme down our throats. Despite that--and the sleepiness of the songs, something not everybody's fond of--I loved the set list for "Home". It's one thing to sing a song with "home" on the lyrics: it's another thing to make it really work in the context of the scene. You know, like "It Only Takes A Moment" on WALL-E. You're amazed at how good it fits, all while you're a bit chilly and teary-eyed...

Originally performed by the Pointer Sisters
Glee-fied by Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison


It's a really, really fun performance, the sort that you don't want to end--and then ends suddenly. I loved their take on "Alone" but that was limited to the stage: this one saw both Will and April skate around the rink... you did see sparks fly, didn't you?

"A House Is Not A Home"
Originally performed by Dionne Warwick
Glee-fied by Chris Colfer (and Cory Monteith, in one clip)


Kurt gets a solo song and virtually serenades Finn--and pretty much sets up the premise of the episode. The tears, the looks of sadness, it works perfectly... but it mostly acted as a set-up to my favorite performance of the night.

"One Less Bell To Answer"/"A House Is Not A Home"
Originally performed by The 5th Dimension and Dionne Warwick, respectively
Glee-fied by Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison


Some think it was too long and a bit indulgent. I think it was necessary. I did notice it was getting longer than usual, but I didn't mind because I was mesmerized by both the visuals and the performance Kristin and Matthew turned in. It's two Broadway veterans busy making on-screen magic.


Originally performed by Christina Aguilera
Glee-fied by Amber Riley


They're really giving away the solos this week, huh? No Rachel! And Amber Riley gets another chance to show off her Idol-rejected vocals, although a part of me thinks "Beautiful" is as predictable as "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" as a song choice.

Originally from the musical The Wiz
Glee-fied by Kristin Chenoweth and New Directions


The perfect way to cap off a pretty dramatic episode: from Kristin's singing to the emotions the folks at New Directions were showing--a special nod goes to Mercedes and Quinn glancing at each other--it sums up the message nicely. And then Kristin hits that high note and I am reminded that the episode is over...

(Images courtesy of Fox)