'Acafellas' Recap: Four Dancing Men and No Baby
'Acafellas' Recap: Four Dancing Men and No Baby
Last week on Glee, Finn and Rachel kissed, Terri isn't pregnant with Will's baby but he doesn't know it yet, and Quinn and two other Cheerios joined Glee club to help Sue bring them down.

This week, Quinn convinces Rachel to speak to Mr. Scheuster about his lackluster choreography skills. They recommend that he go to Dakota Stanley to help with the dancing. In order to make up for his lowered self esteem, Will starts a boy band called The Acafellas with Ken Tanaka, the thumb-less shop teacher Henri and the stock boy Howard who works with Terri.

Glee club, lost without Mr. Scheuster, decide to hire Dakota Stanley themselves. Finn tries to tell the group that Will just doesn't have the confidence to lead the group at the moment but no one listens. Rachel aligns herself with the idea because she's still upset that her and Finn kissed and he's done nothing about it. Finn threatens to quit.

Meanwhile, Mercedes starts to feel lonely because of all the couples around her. Quinn convinces her that going after Kurt is a good idea. When she asks Kurt out, he invites her over for Liza Minnelli night. Rachel and Tina try to have a gay-vention. That's a gay intervention. They inform her that Kurt is "lady fabulous" but she just tells them that she's tired of being lonely. When she confronts Kurt about it, he tells her that he's in love with someone else (Finn, which she misinterprets as Rachel).

Dakota Stanley asks for $8,000 to choreograph one of their routines. He's supposed to get at $10,00 bonus if they place in the top 3. The group decides to throw a car wash to raise the money. Sue offers the Cheerios to help because she's hoping Stanley will break the kids' spirit. And he does. Right away. Stanley tries to kick out Mercedes and Artie right away. So, Finn, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina and Artie try to quit right away. Rachel fires Stanley before they can walk out the door.

The Acafellas are asked to perform at the PTA meeting after a great review. Unfortunately, Howard quits because singing was never his dream. Then Henri has a bit of a breakdown and chugs some cough syrup. Principle Figgins forces him to go to rehab so the Achafellas are two men down. Luckily, Finn and Puck come to the rescue.

The boys let Sandy in the group because he promises to bring Josh Groban to their performance. They sing Color me Badd's "I want to sex you up" and it does actually impress Groban. But unfortunately, he just wanted to give Sandy a restraining order because he has been stalking him. After the performance, Terri apologizes to Will for not being more supportive. He finally realizes that he's meant to be a teacher, not a member of a boy band.

At the end of the day, Glee club is back together and doing great. And, well, Sue's pissed.

Next week, tune in for a Kurt-centric episode that is out of this world. As a hint, let's just say Kanye would be very pleased with Glee.

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