5 Suggested New TV Roles for Chord Overstreet
5 Suggested New TV Roles for Chord Overstreet
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The fan outcry over the news that Chord Overstreet is leaving Glee has been huge. Despite the fact that his character was often ignored by the writers and given nothing to do, Overstreet made the best of the little material he got and earned a slew of fans. So what's next for the actor?

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Well, Overstreet tweeted that once the summer's big Glee tour ends he'll be working on a solo album, and as much as fans would like it, I'd much rather have him back on TV ASAP. He clearly has a ton of fans and any show would be wise to poach him quickly. Here are just five of my ideas


After a troubled year, Sarah's daughter Amber could meet Chord Overstreet's character and fall in love, only to learn that he's a musician just like her dad, bringing back plenty of bad memories and reasons to stay away.

The Good Wife

The Emmy-winning drama already picked up Lisa Edelstein from House, so why not get two former FOX stars at once. Chord Overstreet could easily come in as Alicia's daughter's boyfriend, and somewhere down the line he'd inevitably get into some trouble and need a little legal assistance.

The Big Bang Theory

Overstreet could have a cool recurring role on this hit sitcom as an aspiring actor who works with Penny. He could then play a love interest for any of the female characters, causing drama for whatever guy has to compete against him.


Season 4 of this CW drama has the kids heading off to college, and Chord Overstreet looks like a perfect frat boy, partying hard and hitting on the ladies.

Gossip Girl

In season 5 Serena van der Woodsen is working in Hollywood, so it would only be fitting if Overstreet played a hot young actor who catches her eye. Maybe he's one of the stars of a hit musical comedy series who gets kicked off the show for no real reason.

What do you think? Should Chord Overstreet focus on his music? Join another TV show? Try to become a movie star?

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