Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars top the 'Save our Show' campaign.
Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars top the 'Save our Show' campaign.
Every year E!Online's Kristin Veatch reaches out to fans of shows on the brink of cancellation and asks what show you would most like to see get a second chance.  This year, her efforts caught the ear of Gilmore Girls fans and the campaign is on, with Veronica Mars coming in a close second.   A quick surf around the web, however, reveals that the rest of popular media may not be so behind Veatch's efforts to get Gilmore Girls another season.  The more popular consensus is to put the ailing show out of its misery.   Is this one case where Veatch's sometimes effective efforts should be focused on a runner up?

It's not likely that Kristin is going to trump her readers, but I for one wish she would.   Six milion people voted in total with an amazing 68% of the votes going to the top two: Gilmre Girls at 2.2, and Veronica Mars at 1.9.  Ironically, the total number of votes for Veronica is actually higher than the number of viewers she has had on some weeks.  For folks who want to 'Save' a show, they should be tuning in to it a little more often.

As soon as the news that Gilmore Girls had been nominated for a save TV critics across the internet called for the show to be cancelled.  Among those voices, the highly vocal and occassionally caustic Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Tribune.  Ryan reacted to the news by saying:  "As desperate as the CW network might be for content that does not involve booty-shaking Pussycat Dolls, an eighth season of “Gilmore Girls” would be a mistake. Speaking as a viewer who’s stuck by the show through thick and thin, I think the comedy-drama should end its run in May. It’s already gone on for one season too long."

On a personal note, I wouldn't be the least bit distressed if Veatch gave Veronica Mars a handicap and switched her focus to the struggling P.I. show.  Even though I find the fast forward approach creator Rob Thomas has suggested, it's a show that has hit higher highs and had less of an opportunity to really find its voice than Gilmore Girls, which itself flopped about a little like it lacked the bones of formula for a little while.

In case your curious, here is how the rest of the votes spread out:

1. Gilmore Girls: 2.2 million
2. Veronica Mars: 1.9 million
3. One Tree Hill: 950,802
4. Supernatural: 413,014
5. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: 120,312
6. Crossing Jordan: 30,552
7. Friday Night Lights: 23,195 (six more scripts have been ordered)
8. How I Met Your Mother: 21,761
9. What About Brian: 14,003
10. Jericho: 13,328
11. The Class: 13,238
12. Medium: 11,811(six more scripts have been ordered)
13. Scrubs: 9,248
14. 30 Rock: 5,189 votes (already picked up by NBC)
15. Close to Home: 2,433
16. Six Degrees: 1,711
17. The Nine: 1,126

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV
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