Gilmore Girls 7.22 "Bon Voyage" series finale recap
Gilmore Girls 7.22 "Bon Voyage" series finale recap
Previously on Gilmore Girls: Rory didn’t get her internship, Lorelai sang a song and then accidentally hurt Luke’s feelings, Rory graduated from Yale and then turned down Logan’s proposal.

Tonight, on the series finale of Gilmore Girls:

Lorelai and Rory head to the Dragonfly, because Lorelai claims Christiane Amanpour is guest-starring as herself. I mean, staying at the inn. Michel confirms this, saying he didn’t tell Lorelai because of her past history embarrassing celebrities. Lorelai introduces herself and Rory, and Christiane Amanpour gives Rory her card and tells her to “send some stuff” and keep in touch.

Later, Lorelai reads’s information about roller coasters out loud to Rory, as they are apparently planning a road trip. Rory finishes addressing eight billion resumes. Rory is sad about Logan for about five seconds. Lorelai is filled with angst over Luke, who she still thinks is no longer into her. Lorelai slips in the news about the Stars Hollow “Rory’s graduation re-enactment party” that’s planned for next week.

Luke orders food for the party, and Liz brings baby Doula into the diner to try to persuade Luke to babysit, and to nag him about giving Lorelai the necklace.

At Friday night dinner with Emily & Richard, Emily tells Lorelai she thinks the Dragonfly should open a spa. Rory shows up late because she was having drinks with Hugo Gray, her boss from the online magazine she sometimes writes for. And she announces that she’s got a new job – covering Barack Obama’s campaign for the magazine. She leaves in three days for Iowa. Emily says “So, this is the last time we’ll see you in who knows how long.” Because when they wrote this they weren’t sure if they were coming back next season. Which they aren’t.

Rory and Lorelai go to Luke’s, and announce that the party’s cancelled, since Rory will be gone by then. The townspeople are disappointed and upset, and the Gilmore Girls do a ten-second re-enactment of the graduation in the diner in which Rory graduates “Summa cum Luke.”

Luke goes to the inn, and tells Sookie that he wants to throw the party anyway, before Rory leaves, as a surprise. Later as Rory and Lorelai shop, they try to drop in on Miss Patty, who tells them they can’t come in because she is “consulting her muse.” But really the town is having a party planning meeting, at which Luke overrides all of Taylor’s objections, telling him to “join us or stay home and comb your beard.”

Rory visits Lane, and they reminisce about their childhoods, until Zack calls Lane in to ask her to get Rory off the porch so the town can set up the party in the square. When Lane gets back outside, Rory is freaking out about the job and the fact that Lorelai’s not freaking out. Lane reassures her, and Rory tells her how much her friendship means to her.

At home, Rory finds Lorelai ironing her clothes so they’ll fit in the suitcase better. She asks Lorelai why she’s holding it together so well, and Lorelai says it’s not time, because when she stops to think about it she’ll fall apart, so she’ll do it later.

The party planners are setting up in the square for the party the next day, when Babette runs in claiming it’s going to rain because her ankles are swollen. And also because the weatherman says so. They all panic about getting a tent, as it’s apparently one a.m.

Lorelai watches Rory sleep, and cries. At the diner, Luke sews tents together, and also gets out the necklace and puts it in his pocket.

It’s pouring the next day, as they drive around looking for friends to say goodbye. And they see the entire town gathered under the makeshift tent. Kirk presents Rory with a sash with her name, in his “official capacity as town sash presenter and maker.” It’s made of his mom’s old nightgowns or something, because Kirk’s always got to add that slightly creepy edge to everything he does. Richard and Emily are there, naturally, and tell Lorelai the party’s clearly also a testimony to Lorelai herself for having done such a good job raising Rory. Taylor uses a million childbirth metaphors in his speech. Rory thanks him, the town, and her mom.

Emily and Richard leave, but first Emily presses Lorelai about her spa idea, saying she wants to loan her the money, and then have regular meetings to talk about it, over dinner. Lorelai realizes her mom just wants an excuse to see her, and assures her that their Friday night dinners will continue.

Sookie tells Lorelai that the whole party was Luke’s idea, and that he did most of it. Lorelai goes to him and thanks him. He tells her “I just like to see you happy,” and then they kiss.

The next morning, Lorelai and Rory finish Rory’s packing, and Lorelai says “I thought I had so much more time!” Because the show is cancelled. Lorelai finally gets around to freaking out, and tells Rory (at trademark Gilmore Girls breakneck speed) to sit at the back of the bus, not wear shorts, try not to be too shy, and that she needs ziplock bags and an orange sweater. Rory interrupts her to say “You’ve given me everything I need.”

It’s five a.m. and they leave…for breakfast at Luke’s. Lorelai is wearing the necklace Luke finally gave her. They order a lot of unhealthy food and coffee. As promised, it’s much like the final scene of the pilot of the show seven years ago.

And that’s it! It’s hard to believe there’ll never be another episode of Gilmore Girls. What did you think? Share your thoughts below!

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