'General Hospital' High Five: July 18, 2011
'General Hospital' High Five: July 18, 2011
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today's episode of General Hospital.

In today's episode, the search was on for the missing kids. After receiving the faked random note, Carly wanted to bust Morgan on the spot but Jason advised her against that. He told Carly they needed to keep the incident quiet so Jax did not find out and use it against Carly in their custody battle. Meanwhile, Molly wrote up a reconciliation contract Jax and Carly would have to sign before they could get Josslyn back. But Kristina found the kids before their plan could take effect and brought them home. Carly was angry at both kids for taking Josslyn but her lecture was cut short by a phone call that said the judge would have a decision about the custody hearing in the morning.

High Five Highlights:

5. Jax accused Carly of playing a part in Sonny's plan. Once he was finally out on bail, Jax stormed into Carly's home and told her he believed she helped Sonny set him up. Carly denied it and we, as the audience, know Carly was telling the truth.

4. Luke is working with Helena! At least, that was what Javier claimed when Dante got ahold of him. Lulu wondered why her father would be working with a woman he hates.

3. The show remembered its history. Brenda was horrified Sonny would deal with drugs after what had happened to Robin's first love, Stone. Stone died of AIDS, a disease he contracted due to contact with a drug user, and Sonny made a promise after Stone's death that he would never have any involvement with drugs from there on out. Brenda then accused Sonny of giving up everything he once stood for.

2. Brenda left her husband. After yet another monumental fight, Brenda told Sonny she did not like the man he had become and she did not want her son around him. Sonny believed they could still work things out but Brenda told him there was no chance of that anymore.

1. Javier tried to rape Lulu. Thankfully, Dante managed to break away from his captors and get to Lulu before Javier could follow through on his threats but Lulu was clearly shaken by the attack. Later, she considered burning the brothel to the ground and all the bad memories with it. Questions:

- Were you saddened that Sonny would stoop so low as to handle drugs in order to destroy Jax?

- Why do you think Luke is working with Helena and what have they got planned?

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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