General Hospital: December 13 Live Thoughts
General Hospital: December 13 Live Thoughts
On yesterday's General Hospital, Georgie asks Spinelli for help in tracking down the text message killer.  She tells him that she thinks Coop is the one behind the attacks.  An unsuspecting Maxie feels safe in Coop's arms and spends the night with him.  Luke has visions of being in hell (involving Mac as his golfing buddy and Tracy married to Scott) but pulls through his surgery.  Jason tells Johnny that he didn't help get him out of the police station out of kindness.  They are still enemies.

Georgie and Spinelli are thrown off when a softer, kinder Maxie wants to spend time with them.  Lulu goes to Logan's for some comfort, since she is worried about her father.  Lucky tells Sam that he thinks Johnny is behind the attacks and tells her to get another bodyguard so she is protected all the time.  She responds by asking him to move in with her.

Johnny is angered when he finds out that Trevor is making decisions without him.  Maxie tells Georgie that she's planning a trip with Coop but she tells her that she can't go.  She finally tells her sister that she thinks Coop is the one who tried to kill her.  After sharing a kiss with Logan, Lulu decides to leave and he worries that he moved too fast.  Lucky turns down Sam's offer to have him move in with her, feeling that he's not ready to make that jump.

Detective Harper brings Jason in for questioning after some of Sonny's men were shot.  Alexis delivers a restraining order to Sonny on behalf of Kate.  Lucky brings Johnny in for questioning about the shooting at the docks.  Lulu goes to visit Johnny but ends up talking with Trevor instead.  He tells her to keep her distance from Johnny.  Georgie tries to get information about Coop out of Logan.

Maxie visits Sam and lets her know about the attack.  Spinelli is skeptical that Coop is responsible for the attacks and murders when Georgie asks him to dig up everything he can on him.  Lulu goes to Sonny to try to convince him that Johnny is not the killer.  Coop panics when one of his fellow cops catches him text messaging but he is not suspicious of him.  Lucky grabs Johnny at the station and tells him to stay away from his family.  Lulu gets a note to meet up with Johnny tomorrow.  Trevor orders a hit on Lulu and tells his men to make it look like Sonny did it.  He admits that he wrote the letter to Lulu, pretending to be Johnny.

On tomorrow's General Hospital, Maxie and Coop try to spend some time in secret.  Spinelli tells Jason that he thinks Coop is the killer. 

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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