Is 'Game of Thrones' Setting Up a Wedding of Fire and Ice?
Is 'Game of Thrones' Setting Up a Wedding of Fire and Ice?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The meeting of Jon and Daenerys is one that Game of Thrones fans have anticipated for a long time. In "The Queen's Justice" fans finally got their wish as fire and ice came together and aligned. Season 7 episode 4, "Spoils of War," continued the story with some sparks even beginning to fly between the two on Dragonstone. All this interaction has added more fuel to the fire that the HBO series will end with Jon and Dany sitting on the throne together as husband and wife. It remains to be seen however if Game of Thrones will (or should) make this happen.

A Love Story for the Ages

Though Game of Thrones hasn't really explored the relationship from both sides, it is becoming increasingly clear that Jon has feelings for Daenerys. Davos pointed out how much Jon has been staring at her "heart" and Kit Harrington has managed to do as much romantic pining as he can in Jon's typically stoic face. There is something rather innocent and enjoyable about this too. There are so few instances of characters on Game of Thrones marrying for love. So Jon's crush, affection (or whatever you want to call it) would be a rare moment of normalcy and happiness on the show.

A marriage would also solve a lot of Daenerys and Jon's problems as rulers. If Jon marries Dany he doesn't have to bend the knee to her anymore. He would be still be the King of North, it would just come with the six other kingdoms. Meanwhile, for Dany she'd have a Westerosi ally that wouldn't be immediately captured or killed by her rivals. The North remembers and they are not going to go down quite as easily as when Robb oversaw the whole thing. Sansa would even be able to stay in charge of Winterfell as its Lady if Jon moved up to the Iron Throne.

Of course, of all this sounds like a very happy ending for Game of Thrones. The show has never really been about its happy endings or even happy moments. Jon and Dany getting married and leading the kingdom to peace and posterity just seems a little cheerful and easy for the show's M/O. This is not even to mention the other problems that exist in the pairing.

Dousing the Flame

Incest isn't really the issue. While the idea of Daenerys marrying her biological nephew, Jon, is repugnant by modern standards, it probably won't be a big deal on Game of Thrones. House Targaryen not only intermarried for years and no one cared, but historically a marriage between an aunt and nephew (or vice versa) is not something that people would have dismissed. An incestuous relationship with a nuclear family like the one between Jaime and Cersei is something that most people would have found reprehensible but Dany and Jon's relationship is removed enough that it would have been "acceptable." Neither Jon or Dany will be too shocked to find out they are secretly related. 

The real problem is that Jon and Dany seem to lack any kind of chemistry. This wouldn't be a concern if Game of Thrones was setting up the usual marriage of convenience or political gain but the intention is obviously for the two to have some passion for one another. Dany has softened towards Jon and openly asked his advice but Emilia Clarke hasn't really shown any affection for Jon. Kit Harrington has tried to show Jon's attraction to Dany through Jon's self-serious expression but it is a far cry from the connection Jon felt and showed with Ygritte. The show is setting up a marriage in words and actions but the actors aren't getting the memo so far. 

The scenes within the caves of Dragonstone, where Jon and Dany were away from all prying eyes, was a step in the right direction. The real obstacle with the two is that they are both such reserved characters at this point in their lives. They are trying to suppress their personal feelings for their subjects and in the cave, some of those walls did start to come down. It wasn't enough to feel that the love between Jon and Daenerys is one that will last a lifetime. 

Game of Thrones needs to drastically increase the amount of sexual or romantic tension between as the series reaches the end. This means far more scenes like the one in the caves and less moments where the two are surrounded by subjects. Otherwise a marriage between fire and ice might happen but it won't be feel anything more than the show just going through the motions.

But what do you think? Do you think the two have chemistry? Is the show setting up a wedding?

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