'Game of Thrones': What Gift Will Euron Give Cersei?
'Game of Thrones': What Gift Will Euron Give Cersei?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Most of the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere was a prologue to the season (or an extended epilogue to the season 6 finale.) There wasn't much movement by the characters or even any real interactions between new alliances, both of which are almost guaranteed to happen sometime in this penultimate season. Despite the lack of real plot movement, three major characters did meet for the first time. After making a brief appearance in season 6, Euron Greyjoy had his proper debut in front of Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Euron promised to give the mad queen a gift to seal their new alliance and possible marriage. While Euron didn't hint at what this gift could be, there is a good chance that Dany should be very worried.

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Enemies to the South

Euron didn't give Cersei (or the audience) anything to go off in figuring out this gift. Based on what little we know about Euron from his time in season 6, and even more from the books, it is safe to guess what the gift will be, however. While wine is probably the quickest way to Cersei's heart, it is not going to help her keep the Iron Throne. As Cersei herself pointed out, the Lannisters are surrounded by enemies and any one of them can reasonably take them out. There is no monarch better poised to end Cersei's reign, though, than Daenerys Targaryen. 

The preview for the next episode makes it seem like Dany will attack King's Landing almost immediately. While things probably won't happen that quickly, an invasion is certainly coming sooner rather than later. With half of the city blown up and almost no allies left, Cersei is not going to be able to stand against Dany's dragons. This means it is highly likely that Euron is planning to give Cersei the mythical horn known as the Dragonbinder to control Daenerys' fiery living weapons. 

One Horn to Rule Them All

The Dragonbinder hasn't really been namedropped in the show. In one of Euron's first scenes he did boast about all the treasures he has seen during his adventures on the high seas and the secrets he has uncovered. If it wasn't obvious from his scene in "Dragonstone," Euron is essentially an evil version of Indiana Jones. Although the show hasn't mentioned the Dragonbinder by name they have been setting up Euron to find something important for a very long time. There are few objects that would seem more important than one that can tame a dragon instantly.

In the books, the Dragonbinder is a source of much discussion. In fact, Euron ends up taking the Iron Islands from Yara (named Asha in the books) because he already has the Dragonbinder in possession and intends to use it to claim one of Dany's dragons as his own. Although there is some theories that the horn is actually a fake and Euron is just pretending he holds the power, the Dragonbinder is very much a part of the source material, even if the show has eclipsed the events of the books.

With all this in mind it seems almost certain that Euron's purposed gift for Cersei will be the Dragonbinder and it is hard to know how to feel about it. A gift like this would certainly cement Euron and Cersei's alliance but such a powerful object arriving from such a new character feels like a very odd moment on a series as slowly paced as Game of Thrones. Euron had a much better showing as a character in the season 7 premiere than he did in any season 6 episode but he is hardly an established enough character to snatch away one of Dany's precious scaly children. 

At the same time Game of Thrones needs something that is going to make Cersei's reign last just a little bit longer. Cersei's struggle for the Throne has gone on for too long for her to be taken out by Dany and her dragons right away. This would be too easy a victory for Dany and too simple a defeat for antagonist as brutal as Cersei. Some major obstacle needs to be thrown in Dany's way to keep her achieving everything she wants in half a season and a horn that could turn one of her greatest weapons against her could do the trick. 

But what do you think? Will Euron give Cersei the Dragonbinder as an "early wedding present"? Would a horn that tames dragons be too easy for Game of Thrones? How long do you think it will take Dany to invade King's Landing? 

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